Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Perfect spouts on a teapot = major satisfaction ... yes?
Depression glass = excellent storage possibilities, interesting vases & more ... yes?
Kitsch trays = conversation starters ... yes?
Hand painted enamel dishes = true love... yes?
Vintage fabric = eco-friendly possibilities ....yes?
Yellowed & frayed Webster Dictionary (with small diagrams) = swooning ... yes?
Medicinal and scientific vessels = unusual, interesting & Sibella Court worthy stills ... yes?
Little silver apples for a dollar each = me with a stupid grin on my face ... yes? YES.

I have quite a bit of catching up to do. I have not visited you all for quite some time.
Blame this on Boardwalk Empire peoples.
I'm making tea and sourcing chocolate as we speak. I look forward to reading all about what
you have thrifted lately, gifted lately, ventured lately and of course loved lately.

Aside - Have you read this? Have you seen this? And have you eaten these?
Even if German film and literature is not exactly your bag.. you cant deny those fritters look yummy...
Yes? Ummm.... YES.


Kylie said...

Love your apples and those scientific beaker thingies. Love them.

Eleni said...


erleichda said...

Hi! you've found some really lovely things!
( love the new look!)