Monday, May 30, 2011

Bowling anyone?

Last week Hubby took part in a corporate Ten-Pin Bowling do for work.
I was a spectator.... major klutz-oh-rama that I am.

The cool thing is they (as in work mates & Hubby) won the tournament!
As proud as I was of my "dorky shoe touting" beau this is not the primary motivation for this post.

I just loved the venue! 
Cool retro decor...

funky lighting and 80's video clips....

Busy Saturday night?

PS - Houston we have Chickens! Yes that's right! Two stunning black Australorp pullets
(Oooh listen to me and my farming lingo!)
We also recently had a LOT of rain, I mean a LOOOOT...

I'll be posting photos of my feathered friends soon.
All of the above = me giddy with excitement!
Stay cosy!


Eleni said...

Hi, thanks ever so much for following my blog! however did you find me?

I LOVE bowling, particularly if the venue is retro and has and arcade game or two :)

Angy is my name. said...

I discovered your blog via another great blogger - Seeds and Stitches.
I'm glad to be on board! Thank you for sharing with the globe! ;-)
PS - I'm quite obsessed with all things British so reading about your adventures is like an Epic novel for me! Have a great weekend!