Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Thank you so much everyone
I read your comments, your private messages and even your emails
Each and every word made my HEART SING

I have read many a blog post where the writer doubts and of course 
many of us in varying fields face this kind of challenge at different stages in our lives

The fact that you took the time to encourage me is such a gift


So there are a few things that I've been made more aware of in the last few months* and 
I'd like to share them with you . . .

Attitude is EVERYTHING - after love, kindness and personal grooming
(these things make such a difference and now that I'm putting them into 
regular practice - it's making me a believer)


Nutrition follows suit pretty darn quickly.
Whilst some would tote that it's in fact the be all and end all to your health
I feel that's not entirely true
I've known too many smokers and lovers of red wine & cheese who've lived
past the age of 70 and seemed pretty satisfied with their lot 
The common denominator?
Yep - attitude - they LOOOVED life
(and I guess it loved them back)

Having said that - I have seen (and felt) the difference that good nutrition makes
happy nutrition - treats are a must 
unique nutrition - everybody is different
tasty nutrition - kale you need help, I'm sorry but you just do, even if it is just lemon and olive oil


Limiting screen time
Try it
For a whole day

I did and all I can say is - wow. 
Clearly I had no idea how many times in a day I reach for my phone/pad/lap-top etc

My little experiment went like this:

Switch internet OFF
Turn radio/I-Pod ON

If you have a smart phone - turn off browsing capabilities
and place it somewhere in the house where it remains for the whole day

Make tea, make food, stare into fridge, clean, washing, 
read (hello old friend!) groom, sort and so forth

Note how many times you walk past phone and check it
or catch yourself thinking of something you need to look up

I was amazed actually
I picked a day when I'm at home because studies show that even
though people browse the net at work it's even more of a temptation at home
(when no one is policing you?)

I wouldn't say I've hit status detrimental as yet
the habits have formed
the habits are hard to break
the habits, having been examined more closely, are up for change


And lastly  - Sunshine
Dedicating 10 whole minutes to standing in the sun 
If possible eating a piece of fruit or drinking a glass of water
No talking, no doing - just breathing and soaking
Just do it

I'll leave you with a brilliant quote I read last week

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you."

Thank you lovely people.
I am climbing again. I am feeling stronger and I am 
noticing more light than shadow.


*Disclaimer - I've made a few promises to myself alongside my revelation 
regarding this little space - they are small manageable changes that
I truly believe are making a huge difference in my life
The interweb is so FULL of stuff - lots good, lots bad.
Advice is everywhere and I don't want to come across as a 
self righteous nerd - I just want to share the good stuff 
I'm no Doctor though - I'm more of a flower loving hippie
Just so were clear

Oh - and the image?
Couldn't find anything that captivated the essence 
of mid-life crisis morphs into turning point for life

So a green apple it is

I do love green apples though - more than red ones.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Angy,

That's the spirit!

Attitude definitely makes a difference. More and more we become convinced that if only one has self-belief then the possibilities are quite extraordinary.

In a world where people are more 'connected' than they have ever been, there is, we feel, more disconnection on a human level. There seems to be no time or inclination to nurture relationships or to simply live the moment. So, your new resolutions seem absolutely perfect. Unplugging for a while is a good idea for us all!

ellen said...

I think that image of the green apple is perfect..after all apples are good for you and green is such a hopeful color. Green is what we look for in the Spring. Green is the color of growth, is it not?
Making changes and keeping those habits can be hard. I know they are for me, but I think that I will keep your image close to my heart when I find myself struggling to choose and embrace change.
Thank you, Angy, for your lovely message I received. It's such a coincidence (maybe not) that I have read about and been fascinated by Fibonacci's Sequence and Fibonacci's Numbers.
Sending you love..and if you would be comfortable with this, I'd really like to have your email address.
xoxo, Ellen.

Unknown said...

Good girl!
Love the quote and as always, you are an inspiration. Small shift in perspective can be life changing. Especially when it is inward.

terlee said...

You shared a great link with me the other day, and thanks for that. So, thought I'd send you a link to something cool that I read recently:

Neesie said...

I love that quote ;D
If something isn't working correctly Angy, I'm always saying 'reboot'! I suppose that's the same thing, although it's not quite what you wanted. Now to turn off all my devices for a day makes me come out in a cold sweat and a little shaky it has to be said... but that's the whole point isn't it? I've definitely got the bug. I've been bitten and badly so I'm going to give it a go!
I'm so happy to hear you that you are feeling better for the changes you've made and for all lovely well-wishers.
Take care and if you hear screams of panic it'll only be me... embracing a day off-line ;D
Have a wonderful weekend xoxox