Friday, October 2, 2015

Let me introduce myself . . .

I'm the woman who faced a health crisis, thought she might not make it and then did
I'm the woman who has family and friends that are not of this world
I'm the woman who has loved flowers and plants and all things botanical all her life
I'm the woman who recently started her own business
I'm the woman behind Anthesis Botanicals
I'm the woman who walks around smiling all day
I'm the woman who regularly ends up on her hands and knees with gratitude
I'm the woman who started this blog but is somehow different
I'm the woman who's learning to let go, even fall … and enjoy the ride

♥ It's a pleasure to meet you ♥


terlee said...

Oh Angy...I'm so glad you're back! And wow, do I love your flower arrangements--and your photos. Keep smiling girl, it looks good on you...;D

Kylie said...

Hi Angy,
this is blooming lovely news! (couldn't resist) You're happy and healthy AND you've opened your own flower shoppe! Wow!
Where do I find you and your gorgeous bunches?
I love flowers and I would love to buy yours!
Off to Tassie for a week tomorrow, but when we get back I would love to say hello to you and your flowers.
Take care,
Kylie x

Neesie said...

What a beautiful surprise to see you back Angy,
I've been thinking about sending you an email to check on how you are with not seeing you blogging.
I'm so happy that you are at a stage to enjoy the ride now.
I would love to have my own florist business, so I can imagine although it'll be tough and hard work at times, a joyful way to spend your day.
Your displays and designs are gorgeous. They are fresh and different than the usual and I'm sure will be a HUGE hit.
Good luck although I doubt you'll need it xoxo

cara said...

Hi! We love you and are glad for all that you are. x

Diana Studer said...

coming to see commenters from way back.

Your flowers and planting treasures are delightful!!