Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Looking through a new lens...

Now I'm the first to agree that "the camera does not maketh the photographer" 
However! I have to give credit to the clever boffins who design amazing lenses that help 
us see the world around us just a little differently. 

My new camera has me snapping away at anything willing to be captured. 
My first victims - flowers! In my garden, in my home, anywhere! Here are a few that I placed in my bathroom on the vanity. We have a Velux window in this room and the light changes during the day. This was taken early in the morning. So pretty!  

Why do I love flowers so? I love their impermanency, it's a poignant reminder to me to remain as often as I can in the now. I love that they grace our world with such little effort and yet their impact can be so strong. I love that they are an appropriate measure of joy and sorrow. I love their colours, their fragrance (or lack of), their fragility, their humility, their variety, their versatility.... their simple perfection. 

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Unknown said...

You are so right... flowers are such a simple pleasure. They brighten the room, lighten the heart and sooth the soul just because they exist. One of the many delights we have around us if we just take the time to notice.