Monday, November 29, 2010

More than meets the eye...

I can scratch another item from my "life's to-do-list" after attending my first Antique Auction on the weekend! I managed to score a few bargains (will post pics soon) and I was reminded that EVERYTHING IS ONLY WORTH WHAT SOMEONE IS WILLING TO PAY FOR IT. 
Thank goodness this does not apply to humans - well not always. I witnessed the strangest items selling for a fortune and the most beautiful (these eyes being their beholder) going for a song! I also found this 1970's edition of a Greys Anatomy - the diagrams/illustrations are just fabulous. The fact that we have all these amazing pathways, parts and pieces that make up our bodies.... well there are no words really.

I am feeling so incredibly inspired (especially when I visit all the homes of fellow Bloggers and see the creative adventures of such beautiful souls. It's like a "Cosmic Kick in the Pants" to get cracking and Make - Write - Read - Create - Make -Write - Read - Create - Eat Chocolate and Drink Tea.
Priming the Tea-Pot now...

Many more creative and informative blogs to follow!  This promise I make to ME.

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