Thursday, December 16, 2010

I made them!

Well I'm proud as punch! I have made all my Christmas tags this year, and here they are! It was a lot easier than I first anticipated and well worth the effort. I bought kraft clay (Sorry! Forgot the brand but promise to post it soon) then I basically rolled it out like cookie dough and used some cookie cutters to shape. Then after about 48hrs (to be safe) I stamped them. I have alphabet stamps so I can turn them around and put personalised messages on them too! I ADORE stamps so I will have to include a post about my stamp collection and where I bought most of it from! (I've just noticed that this post is full of exclamation marks... I am excited so please forgive!!  - and one more for fun... !)

Thank you to all the fellow bloggers and artists who have truly inspired me! You guys have given me the "Cosmic Slap" I needed! Yes... a gentle but very necessary prod to get off my tush and "DO" not just DREAM! Of course dreaming is very important BUT, I think the doing that comes from dreaming is the most fulfilling of all!

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