Friday, April 29, 2011

Royalty (and more Bunting!)

Well I don't know about you but I though the Royal Wedding was just FABULOUS!
People lining the (stunning) streets of London to celebrate the union of two people, the pomp, the ceremony, the rain that held off, the fashions, the horses - loved the horses - the cars (Hubby liked them) the palace... the kiss. Come on now - don't deny it... you loved it too did you not!

As I have mentioned before, the stork that dropped me off should really have been booked for F.U.I (flying under the influence) As a result of his/her negligence, I find myself pining for all things British and wishing with all my heart that I could have attended this "blessed union twixt Prince and Princess" 
(I just loved the British telly commentary - so proper and pompous) 
However I was lucky enough to be included on the guest list of a local celebration held by the ever gracious (and graceful) Lady Veronica. A real life "wife of a foreign diplomat" - Sigh... to have such a title... 

There were ladies from all around the globe (making it feel very special indeed) and there were many a hat and glove in sight too! The food was a feast for the senses...

Not only tasty but visually captivating as well!

 My favourite being the "Corgi Cupcakes" made by Lady Naomi...

And what would a tea party be without the finest of china...

and the brightest of napery...

Needless to say I was in HEAVEN! 
Thank you so much Lady Veronica for putting on such a fine show!
(I am still humming Royal Britannia)

Indeed I came home filled with such enthusiasm (or possibly just too much sugar and tea)
that I dove straight in to making more bunting...

Vintage bunting to be precise - made from a thrifted Ladybird Reader

Can you guess which one? It has everything a great fairytale should contain, 
a talking feline, royalty, paupers and princes... 

Yes, it's Puss in Boots. 

I am definitely hooked - I have tried some Little Golden Books too! More on that later.
Now I have to skedaggle because Hubby is actually attempting the chicken run today
(Hallelujah!) and methinks my supervision and chickentise (chicken expertise) are required.
Which should be quite hilarious because in truth I know that Chooks+Scraps=Eggs  - and that's about it.
Mmmmm... time to research.

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