Friday, April 15, 2011

Time to take Tea and Toast

I wish I could say that the weather outside was dark and gloomy.
This being the perfect setting for a tea & toast fest...
 But alas - the sun is all "shiny shiny" and the clouds

I realise that, for many, this would appear to be perfect Autumn weather. I will concede that Perth is just stunning on a bright and blue skied day, however we need the rain. DESPERATELY!

So to some how summon the clouds, the cooler weather, the puddles and the rainbows,
I drink tea.
Copious bladder taunting amounts.

Not just any tea.
Earl Grey from T2

Teamed with hot, buttery, marma-laden (new word) toast.

This weekend Hubby and I plan to love our garden (would've been so good to do this with showers to help soften the soil, Sigh/Sulk) and hopefully put some bits and pieces in the ground. I am setting the alarm for a garage sale (just up the road) and my little man has a sleep over planned for Saturday evening (school has just broken up for Easter) Perhaps I can twist my Culinary Knight in Shiny Apron to cook up a pasta, paella or some such. Either way I'm sure a delicious bottle of red has been set aside.

At least the evenings have been cooler. Great for walking the pooch and outside showers - usually extra long showers since the dash twixt shower to towel to robe can be quite goosebumby!!

 Here are some of my Winter Wishes:

I hope to start a bigger vegie patch
I hope to get chickens (soon)
I hope to train for a 12km marathon (held in August)
I hope to be more creative
I hope the BBC fund a few new period dramas (soon)
I hope to master the art of a MOIST cake
I hope read several great books
I hope T2 start selling their Earl Grey Royale in bigger tins(soon)
I hope to master knitting
I hope to master sewing
I hope it rains (SOON!)
I hope I find the time to do even three of these things!!??

Happy weekend to you all!

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