Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beautiful Packages....

I promised myself that I would post about the wonderful art
that I have recently purchased. It is a sheer delight to receive a package in the mail
and know that it is filled with something beautiful, something unique and (best of all)
something someone has created with love and care.

Firstly I received a set of cards that I ordered from
They were lovingly wrapped in this tissue paper
(which is also illustrated by her) and tied with colourful string.

I think there are a wide range of amazing artists selling their wares at these
fabulous online stores and I've made a decision to include a lot more of this sort of thing 
in my Christmas Shopping. 

After all who wouldn't love to receive a set of hand illustrated cards
that can be used or hung in the home. 
(I plan on keeping two and giving two)

Your work is just lovely Sheryl and your packaging is swoon worthy!
Thank you!

Next there's the photogram style art that I ordered from 
I discovered Chad's work through his unique blog 
and I just had to have something from his collection.

(Again the package has arrived with a sweet note
and a cute paper doily... Chad you are a man after my on heart)

Can't tell you how the heart flutters when I receive
brown paper packages from all around the world...

And here it is ...

It's still in a plastic sleeve so the light reflected a little.
I will take better photos when I find a place for these darlings to live.


And lastly there's the very special package that arrived from 
Dear Friend in Nashville.

I discovered Rebekka's art & illustrations through
and just fell in love with everything she does
(especially the idea of a house portrait!)

Momma bear sleeping in the woods with her Baby Bear. 
To my utter "gobsmackedness" (new word) 
Rebekka contacted me and asked me if I'd mind 
that she send the original image
 (rather than just a print)
Mind? Wowsers trousers!

She took the greatest care in protecting the painting and once again....
a darling envelope arrives with an illustrated address label
(the little things really do count don't they)

Chuffed does not come close...sigh.

And here it is....

A Rebekka Seale ORIGINAL!

Thank you lovely lady!
I'm giddy with the prospect of having new art to place around my home. 
Some of the people I've shared these images with are also
inspired to check out online stores such as
Personally, I'm of the opinion that, the range itself makes it better 
than any department store or gallery you could visit. 
The prices allow for modest budgets as well and if your packages arrive 
wrapped like these then really it's like making it your birthday any day of the year!

So make yourself a cuppa and go exploring peoples. Even if you don't buy
you're sure to be inspired and encouraged by all the talent and ideas.

Ok... I have to go now - got some packing to do...
I'm off for more early festive fun with our bestest buds The Clarke family.
Looking forward to the following

sleeping in
cheese and bread
foot spas
sea sand
(aimless) chats
walking... no.... meandering
children laughing
giving gifts
drinking tea and eating toast with butter and marmalade

Have a lovely one peoples

PS - I gave the lovely lady this package and guess what?
She is truly a kindred spirit and she loved it!
(Yay! Happy crazy pyjama slipper dance)


chasing lightning bugs said...

what wonderful packages. you deserve piles of loveliness arriving at your door. yes, we had an etsy christmas last year. and i loved it. i'm heading to check out all the sellers and blogs you recommended. all your items are smashing!

Eleni said...

I am thoroughly jealous of your Rebekka Seale! I love her to bits. you've reminded me that I ought to look on Etsy for Christmas presents - thank you! And thank you also for your lovely comment on my post. The internet really is a wonderful place :)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Wow such lovely things - so exciting. Have a brilliant beachy weekend,

Sarah x

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

JOY, JOY, JOY JOY to the world and all handmakers and receivers! Another new word Frasier - fibledi (a verification word I like)! Love you.

In My Wild Eden said...

So much fun! What a wonderful post! I love the art you have purchased. Thanks for sharing it and the sources with us!