Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mixed Lollies...

I've decided this is what I'll call a post if it's all over the place and 
contains a whole bunch of ...well... um... everything.

Firstly - those who know me (even remotely I'm sure) know that I love, love,
 LOVE the film The Last of The Mohicans.

Now I can waffle on about this film for at least seven years but I shall refrain.
Just do yourself a favour and watch it.

Image via here
Anyhoo... I was teaching yesterday and I stumbled upon an illustrated
copy of this famous story.

Originally written as part of a series of novels by James Fenimore Cooper, 
the tale provides a very interesting historical perspective of America's Seven Years war.

I loved the illustrations so I thought I'd share a few
(Although I have my reservations about the way that Hawkeye
was depicted... what's with the skin moles??)

The funny thing is the book does not give credit to an Illustrator.
How odd?

So Mr/Mrs Illustrator -  if you are out there (still) then know this - 
I love your interpretation of this epic story, your fearless depiction of savage warfare
mixed with just a soupcon of melancholic romance.
You did very well to capture me...

 .... except for Hawkeye, 
I still think you could have made him look like Jim Caviezel or Edward Norton... sigh.

Moving along...

I wanted to show you the way that I decorate my light switches.
They tend to be completely overlooked and under appreciated so I think it's 
great to... 

... give them a little love...

What do you think?

I think paying attention to the details makes all the difference.
I've even taken to prettying up the loo...

Now every time you flush ... you smile.

And last but certainly NOT least...

It's been raining today...

...and when I step outside from the studio...

... everything is muted and dingy... 

... almost anemic...

Just the way I like it.
(One last hurrah before the stickiness of summer)

My weekend:

Dinner dating, chicken feeding, bunting making, 
clothes washing, body grooming (hmmm), music appreciating, Spooks watching, 
 novel reading and most certainly some wining & cheesing

Yours peoples?


Unknown said...

it IS a great film.
i have to say, if you have such wonderful light switches as those, they don't need prettying up... although i like what you've done. especially that little tree.

great shots too.

Vintage Jane said...

I am ashamed to admit I have never seen the film!
My weekend will be spent watching fireworks (it is of course Guy Fawkes night here on Saturday ) and treasure hunting (I hope)! M x

chasing lightning bugs said...

i love the tours through your life that you give us. so i've nominated you for the liebster blog award. congrats!

In My Wild Eden said...

I LOVE "Mixed Lollies"! Very fun! I like what you did to your lovely light switches, especially the tree. And I agree, it is a wonderful movie. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Jen said...

I love the vintage book illustrations! Can you believe I've never seen the movie?