Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Or is it?

Is it just me or does anyone else find these "Inflatable Santas" utterly ridiculous?
Apologies to all the lovers of a Fat Floating Father Christmas - harsh, I know.
 But what is the point in having a festive icon 
loll about drunkenly out the front of every store?? 
I know I sound like Frasier Crane but honestly... Where's the dignity?
I try not to post anything negative on my blog so I 
do apologise for the critical tone.
 In my defense though...
I have seen toddlers run screaming from these monstrous balloon like creatures!

Anyhoo - on a more upbeat tone...
Summer is here!
(apart from the spectacular electrical storm that Perth saw today... Global warming?)

And it is officially HOT!
Saturday and Sunday were a nasty reminder of just how serious Mr Sun gets around here.
We had the evaporative air conditioning on all weekend and still the sweat poured...

I have to keep the bamboo blinds down on the front patio
(for fear of cooking things in the kitchen without a stove)

 I've exchanged all closed shoes with sandals...

and all denim or wool with cotton and linen!

Too hot to garden - so attention is drawn to a bit of decorating...

... a bit of arranging...

... and LOADS of eating. 
I thought I ate more in Winter but truth be told - I eat a lot all the time.
Pictured above: A cheesy-mite scroll - to quote Dorcas Lane from Lark Rise to Candleford
"Cheesy-mite scrolls are my one weakness"

Our vegetable/herb patch is looking rather disappointing I must say.
All this wet weather has had the snail & slug numbers increasing.
Still ... we do see some promise in the tomato department.

Yesterday Hubby and I jaunted off to do the last of our Christmas shopping
(All done now! Yay!)
We finished off in Fremantle where the town is hosting the World Sailing Championships.
Cor Blimey! - I said that when I saw all the sail boats lined up on the lawn.
Looked odd seeing so many boats outside of the water.

The atmosphere in Freo is buzzing and although the weather was 
how shall we put it.... sticky ... we had great success gift hunting and I do believe there
ought to be some rather chuffed family members this year.

How has your Christmas shopping gone this year peoples?
I have made a pact with myself ... 
Next year EVERYTHING I give will
be handmade or purchased from
 Etsy/Made-it/Big Cartel etc - where some other great talent will be shared and gifted.
Can it be done?
Can I overcome a silly insecurity that calls me to the stores to 
purchase "worthier" and "more exciting" gifts 
than those I can make myself? 
I'm not sure - but I'd sure like to give it my best shot.
I'd even like to go so far as to gift my own art.
This will require quite an increase in confidence I'm certain.
Somehow that little voice still creeps in and says
"Oooh... but maybe it's not to their taste, maybe they'll hate it, maybe..
maybe... maybe...


Tell me what you think?
(and be brutal)
Would you mind receiving art that you have not chosen?
Is it a grey zone?
What if the art were say... small photographs? 
(small photographs of small things? - Can you tell I'm not confident enough to give anyone
a large piece of canvas art?) 

A homage to Slinkachu and Michael Paul Smith perhaps?

Mr Plod - who's spectacles have gone missing - leading to the arrest
of a plant for indecent exposure?

Or perhaps Katie - who has had her heart broken 
by Patrick - the juggler from the circus.

Or even Charles & Patricia - celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary - still as in love today as the day they first met (and decided life without each other would simply not suffice)

What say you peoples? 

I'm thinking tiny little images - perhaps in lockets?
Picture on one side and story on the other?


Hena Tayeb said...

Love the idea of the tiny people. The idea of a book sounds marvelous.

Neesie said...

I think you should go for it...they're so unique that I'm sure they'll be appreciated.

I have to admit.... hate, hate, hate the inflatable Santa's. Sorry a fair bit of negativity there :( Or is that positivity because I really know I don't like them :)

Lastly, how can you have slugs and snails because I thought I had them all in my garden here in Melbourne!

In My Wild Eden said...

I think the idea of the pictures with the stories is wonderful. I totally understand how you feel about giving things you have made yourself. I always begin to feel it is more and more worthless the closer it comes to them receiving it. I love your creativity and the stories with the picture make them even more endearing. Have confidence! They are wonderful!!!

Val's alentejo blog said...

Found your blog through My Wild Eden(i love her blog).. stayed to read and will be passing by again.
Caught my attention, when you said you ended up in fremantle.. i used to live there many moons ago.. just outside the city...Perth is beautiful.
All your ideas for christmas are great.. you dont know it..but you do have confidence.. Stories and the picture..
I am giving something i have done myself..dug it up out of my kist.
I Hate blow up of anything.. who ever invented the blow up santa.. well! !!
Simplicity is the name of the game.
Enjoyed reading your blogs..
best wishes.. see you on my return

Kylie said...

I love your tiny little people pics and I would be thrilled to receive one for Chrissy (or anytime actually)
I don't like blow up Santa's much either...blow up dolls, blow up Santa's = yuk!
I'm yet to do any Christmas shopping, about time I started I suppose...