Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heaven on Earth...

Alright peoples.
Deep breath.
If this is what heaven looks like
(which I really hope it might)
Then please .... somebody shoot me now

I'm seated in this chair - I'm looking out at Gods canvas - the Swiss Alps. I have tea, no wine. I'm reading poetry. I'm smelling the fire. I'm wriggling my toes and smiling like a silly puppy. I'm wondering how blessed we are to have dreamers who create spaces for other dreamers. I'm a little emotional, I'm a little excited. I look around and I realise that nature really can provide you with all that you will ever need. I'm in love.

I was sent the December Aesop e-letter and in it there was a link to this place.
Chalet Zannier in the Swiss Alps.
And if you think these images are swoon worthy - then take a sacred moment

I'm actually now..... speech "less"

Please note!
All images taken from the Chalet Zannier website.
(If I was there I doubt I'd even remember to take photos!)
Click on gallery/photos link within website for original image feed


Neesie Natters said...

You're right...heaven on earth indeed.
You fooled me with your beautifully atmospheric prose {sigh.....} I really thought you were there. ;D

chasing lightning bugs said...

oh the stillness of a minimalist space. and this one is perfectly are so right. i can only admire from afar....for every space i have is eventually filled.

Melissa said...


I want to sit in that single gorgeous corner chair with a pile of novels and do absolutely *zip* all day...really this is just the tonic we all need in December...

Do you think I could squeeze in a visit here before we life ol'Blighty in 19 days!!?? :)

Melissa (Miss Sew & So)

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Yes Frasier, I can see the complete extension of soul into wood here and the utter disregard for all things trivial that clutter. Post worthy indeed, N.

Brown Paper Packages said...

Yes ladies I do agree... I love more than anything the strong presence of wood. In fact a place like this must feel like sleeping in the belly of a great tree ... And that surely would be heaven too me. Xx