Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catch a Bus, Walk a City....

Inspired by Eleni and her post "A Day in the Life"
I've decided to invite you along on one of my favourite jaunts...

Catching a bus!

This peep-hole is cut into the bus-stop so you can look up the road
and see when Mr Busdriver is approaching. We have
to flag our buses so this comes in handy when it's pouring with rain  
(or in this case ... very warm and humid)

So where am I off to? 
The city to meet Hubby for a hot date.
Sans child who is away on school camp.
What is it they say about the mice playing while the cat's napping?
Or something like that any way.

I love public transport. 
Why you ask?
Well it just feels like such a blessing, it's cheap, 
it's good for the environment, you can relax and watch the scenery....

You can take your tunes and basically just chill....
And let's face it .... 
the world looks even cooler when 
Eddie Vedder's crooning in your ear. Yes sir.

Grateful for the shade of a tree I am 
truly-toe-tappingly (new word and say it fast)
excited about the prospect of dinner and a show...

My journey begins up in the Hills ......

(whisper - i tried taking a photo of myself and managed to 
capture a very well exposed and composed image of my elbow - since you cannot actually take a peek at your own elbow - without a mirror that is - i thought it rather cool )

... and ends at St Georges Terrace in the city.
A beautiful street lined with trees and home to 
some rather stunning gardens as well as 

I discovered this gorgeous work of art outside St Georges Cathedral.
Titled: The Ascalon Sculpture
Named after the lance Saint George used to slay the Dragon... sigh

It's not often that public art has me so taken but, without
exaggeration, I confess I was mesmerised.

The artists/sculptors are 
Marcus Canning and Christian de Vietri

At night, a single beam of light shines up into the heavens
from the end of the lance... sigh .... 
very very deep sigh.

I am trying to locate the artists in order to see more of their work and 
(possibly) even begin "a work of art of my own" - using them as the springboard.
I have had this idea for quite sometime now but confidence and self doubt
have been having an almighty argument in my brain for the last few months...
No more. I shall/will/am acting upon inspiration.
(will keep you posted - pardon the pun)

Anyhooo... back to my light footing and 
dilly dallying in and around our awesome 
(albeit small)

The studio is about a fifteen minute walk from St Georges tce,
so I rambled about for a while just feeling footloose and fancy free.
(Seriously dodgy descriptions but hey that's what happens when you're
bopping to toons and watching the world go by.... somebody stop me)

I stopped in at a bookstore (as I always do)
and sat on the floor browsing through books and staring
(longingly & intently) at....

Liberty fabric patterns... sigh.

... and in another book - this space...

as well as this one..... sigh.

  I do apologise for not having the 
titles and authors but the salesperson began giving me the evil eye - she spotted me taking
sneaky shots and my guilt encouraged a very quick escape - I plan on returning to buy the books with birthday vouchers that my family and friends  - and strangers if they want to - will give me for my birthday.... which is only 34 sleeps away (fancy that)
Hmmm - a slight show of early exuberance on my part -  yes, however... 
I shall remind you..... A girls gotta dream.

Finally we arrive at the "date" portion of the evening....

... a sumptuous tasting plate, a mellow cider and a top brew all 
at the increasingly popular...

 Figs with Persian feta, marinated anchovy fillets 
(a totally different experience for those of you
cringing and pursing your lips)
buffalo mozzarella with basil & tomato, grilled eggplant crostini,
sundried tomatoes, lamb koftas (for Hubby) and (of course) fresh crusty bread....
Lord give me strength!

After dinner we took in the film
 To be honest I find the narrative of this film a tad "out of my range" 
but then I never was one for British spy novels 
(the film is based on the 1974 le Carre novel of the same name)
I will add though that the performances, the cinematography and the art-direction were phenomenal.

Whilst dining I discovered this musician which only added to the romance of 
an already hedonistic and indulgent occasion. 

So that was a "Day in the Life of" Moi...
I had to include this last photo because for some reason one of these tiny
anchovy fillets looks like a dead catfish - it's beady eye staring at me from the platter.

It's really just the chance markings on the flesh of the little critter but still...
I ate that one with my eyes shut. 

How's your week faring peoples?
Anyone else seen the movie T.T.S.S? 
What did you think of it?
(Hubby and I keep calling it Tinker Tailor Candlestick Maker. As you do)

My plans for the weekend?
Clean, Clean and then do some cleaning.
I will endeavour to squeeze in some form of culinary delight as well
as a dip in the pool, a few chapters of a great novel, bunting making...
No more distractions.... 

Over and out...


Kylie said...

My husband and I are going to see Place Des Anges on Sat night, Juanita's looks like a delsish place for dinner.

In My Wild Eden said...

What a fun trip you took us on. You narrated it so entertainingly! I loved those beautiful fabrics and the sculpture was amazing! Thanks for taking me along. I hope you have a good time enjoying the results of all your industrious cleaning.

Neesie said...

I had a great time on our trip even though I felt a slight gooseberry ;)
Your photos really set the scene again. 'The Ascalon Sculpture' was incredible. Really breathtaking ~ no wonder you stopped to appreciate.
Its been quite a few years since I've been to Perth so it was great to have a quick trip. Thanks for inviting me :D

Eleni said...

Yay, I'm gald it's catching on! See? Without your post I would never have leanred that Australian bus stops have pee-holes in them. I think that's so cute!

That sculpture is stunning, and I am completely jealous of your dinner!