Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sister in the City...

It was THAT time of the month.
Time to have Sister-Sister time.
Sister in the City time...

Young Prince tagged along for the first hour and then 
went off to meet his Dad at the studio for 
some Father-Son shenanigans... (although he did
manage to squeeze in an ice cream before bidding us farewell...
A pre-lunch ice cream. Man I'm a sucker)

The weather was nothing short of PERFECT.
Not too cold, not too hot.

Feeling hungry we tucked into Sushi to calm the
grumbling tummy...

Of course we had to include all the food groups
(and when a wall offers this many choices... sigh)

Makers of VERY fine foodstuffs - my favourite ...
(be still my beating taste buds)

The 3 images below are taken just outside the State Gallery.
It's the newly finished Wetland Project.
I love it. 
Not just because it's so obviously beautiful but actually
because to me it beats all that we have plonked a Wetland in the
middle (and it really is the middle) of a bustling city.
Mother Nature WILL have her way. Yes Sir.

And then off to the State Gallery

My favourites are...


And then just a bit of street art to help 
balance out the Bourgeois and Proletariat perspectives...

... and then home to tea and slippers.
Most good
Most inspiring
Most important to schedule these days more often.
Thank you Niles :-) 


Kylie said...

So nice to spend some special time with your sis...think I like the street art best.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

These are the most wonderful images making this post rather in the manner of looking around a contemporary photographic exhibition. Truly magnificent.

Neesie said...

I feel priviledged to have shared your sister sister time. Thanks
Stunning visuals with so much of interest to see!
I'd be a sucker for the icecream too...but then chocolate and the Margaret River...Mmmmm...
The art work is exquisite.

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully the weather remains perfect for you.
Its pretty perfect here ;D

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

It's our days shared that make life worth living Fras.
As usual, your photos rock but the dude feeding the birds really is special!

Kylie said...

Couldn't work out how else to contact you...just wanted to let you know Industriart is only open Tues-Fri, 10-4. Hope you get this before you jump in the car! Definetely worth a visit, you'll LOVE it, I'm sure.

Jodi said...

theses photos are glorious. I have city envy x