Thursday, April 12, 2012

The "tale" end of Easter....

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How was your Easter break lovely peoples?
Mine was mellow and warm and yummy and reflective
and sleepy and talkative and giggly and smiley and full
of BLESSED goodness

Autumnal Easter Chic...
(aka Toblerone wrapped in a tea towel)

And the Oscar for best Easter centrepiece goes to....
Gnomes my sister in law... Eggcellent! 
A little "know-how" ... it's wheat grass peoples = Kaa...ooool!

Seriously ... my 13 year old Prince is like the BFG...


Yes... it was more than GOOD it was WONDERFUL.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

How splendid, an autumnal Easter brought to all of us through these absolutely wonderful images which really are exceedingly stylish.

And now, with Easter over, there is all the promise of the year ahead which, whether summer, as here, or winter is bound to be full of interest and delight. Or so we hope.

Lynne said...

Love the autumn themed easter wrapping! Beautiful!