Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Blues....

My darling Daphne is very ill. 
(She's one of my feathered friends)
I know I have to let go but it's so hard (you know?)
Facing up to something that hurts and sucks and makes a day just yuk.
My sadness led me to my camera and my camera led me to the colour blue.
Please say a prayer for a teeny tiny life that has brought me so much joy.
(If that's not your thing that's cool - maybe just a wish then?
Or go and cuddle your animal friends, or light a candle or play a song....)
If she has to go then so be it - I would just like it to be peaceful and painless.
I love you Daphne.


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

She could not possibly have had a better time on this earth than at your blessed house Fras, Love you.

Eleni said...

Oh, get well soon, Daphne, you poor chook!

chasing lightning bugs said...

love to you and daphne. i'm so sorry you're being confronted with this sadness. it's very hard. i hope she recovers.....
your photos are stunning, however!

In My Wild Eden said...

I understand and I am praying. Even tiny lives can affect us in big ways. Your pictures are beautiful and so are your words, "My sadness led me to my camera and my camera led me to the colour blue." -This line was so wonderful, it almost brought me to tears. I'm sorry you are hurting, I am glad she had a good life.