Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thrifted Loveliness ♥

Well it's been a while since 

... but the wait was worth it!

I managed to score some fabulous winter threads.
A linen blend scarf and a hand knitted jumper.

A couple of flower presses...

... and two cotton crocheted doiles...

... a couple of cutie glass holders....

One - a sugar pot (minus lid) ...

... and the other and old glass Steadiflow
babies bottle 

I've filled them both with 
Geraldton Wax about to burst into bloom.
(from my garden too ♥)

It doesn't stop there!
A small retro honey/syrup pot
(I'm not much of a bright orange gal so I was
most pleased to find one of these in a neutral shade)

Hmmm... can anyone tell I'm a neutrals fanatic?
I think the bone colour of these doilies is just about my most 
favourite shade/colour/hue (is it even a colour?)
In the whole wide world.

Colour does make an appearance though....

In these stunning book finds...

... as well as these badges (from the UK! Yay!)
I have an idea to use them on cushions I want to make 
for our caravan. The caravan we don't yet own... 

... but no doubt will... someday.
What do they say in that great film Field of Dreams?
"If you build it they will come"

So that's my stash peoples!
All for a song
All recycled
All monies to charity 
All unique and ...
 (happy crazy silly dance)

Oh hang on... I almost forgot about these.....

Army issue - never been used - leather
Australian made....

Perfect for winter and for hacking about the bush...

... and acceptably "grungy" to wear with jeans.
Not bad eh? 

So have you found any loveliness lately?
Weekend plans going well?
I am home alone due to Hubby scoring tickets
to the YOUI China VS Australia Basketball game.
So far I have done three loads of washing,
Drank two cups of tea 
(I know! Only two? Must put the kettle on)
Ate two bits of ♥ cholokit ♥ - a bit with each cuppa :-)
Crocheted 3 rows of a granny square
(I'm teaching myself!) 
and had ONE really tasty 
Peanut Butter, Mulberry Jam and Pepita filled
sandwich on Burgen bread ♥ 
(the best bread you can buy)

Have a blessed one peoples!

PS - If anyone knows of the best websites/links that
"teach crochet" (to a self confessed wally) then please
do share... thanks! 



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

What absolutely splendid finds. It is extraordinary how, or so it is in our experience, that one can spend ages one day trawling the charity shops and coming away with nothing, and then on another one has a basketful of highly desirable items, as you have here.

We have to wait, of course, until we are in the UK for such shops do not really exist in Hungary.

Laura@OurWeeFarm said...

Jeepers! RESULT! what amazing finds! I live in a very small rural area and one thing I really miss is op shopping/thrifting. We have a couple of shops, SPCA and a St Johns Hospice shop, but as the area is so small it's slim pickings indeed. Last year I did find the most gorgeous rich dark green cashmere cardigan for $2. I pretended it fitted. It didn't :( I gave it to my mum. Green is her favourite colour and she loved it.

In My Wild Eden said...

What a wonderful post! Your writing is so fun to read. I am very impressed with your amazing finds. I love how when you set out on such an adventure that while you may have an idea what you are looking for you have no idea what you will find. Every time out is completely different. It's always a surprise!

Anonymous said...

I just found you from another friends blog and i'm so glad I did, love the photos, and wow, you did do well, great finds, best wishes from canada!!!

Eleni said...

Alas, I am hopeless with crochet instructions. But I love your boots :)