Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We have lift off....

Yes ladies and gentleman, I am proud to announce that I have (finally)
launched my rocket of creativity into the dark and uncharted space that is 
my future. I'm petrified.

But in a good, excited and adrenalin pumping kinda way

I keep hearing Martin Luther King in my head
"I have a dream..." and then I'm embarrassed to admit it 
bandies about floral notions that do not compare at all to the 
monumental importance of the civil rights movement.
Still it is my dream...and it's coming true.

There are so many wonderful people out there who have inspired me to
follow a dream and just dive in... flail if you have to but try... at least try!

Ladies like Kate, Eleni, and Rebekka ... (to name only a few)
All very different dreams but dreams coming true nonetheless

Do you have dream? A desire burning quietly? A fire in the pit of your 
belly that you neglect to stoke because ... (fill in the blanks)
Do you long to try something but you are afraid of failing, or you are 
putting it off until .... until ... (fill in the blanks)

I'm pretty sure that there are NO GUARANTEES WHAT SO EVER where I'm
heading - but I woke up this morning with just a little less regret. 
Boy did that feel good


PS -the above image is of my first ever attempt at a 
"Symmetrical, Formal and Compact Design"
Whilst I'm not a fan of the style I know I need to learn all facets 
before I can "go crazy daisies on my own" 
Cool huh?


Kylie said...

Well I love your version of "symmetrical, formal and compact design" Angy. It's beautiful.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Angy:
This is all so very, very exciting and yes, it is so important not only to have a dream, but to follow that dream, something which you are very clearly doing. And to that end we wish you every success.

As for the arrangement, do not put your creativity down. It is striking, imaginative and very attractive.

Wendy said...

When I saw your comment I read your name as "Angry is my name". Made me wonder why you're angry. Only after coming here and reading a bit, then looking at your URL did I see it was Angy. Doh!

I am going to sit here now and read through your blog some more - always so good to get to know new blogging peeps, especially expat South Africans.

terlee said...

Really colorful design, especially for your first. Can't wait to see how things progress in your floral dreaming...;D

Neesie said...

Unbelievably cool Angy!
What an inspiration you are to just realise the dream and embrace it. Good for you go for it! ;D
I'll look forward to seeing your journey unfold.
No matter what you do with flowers you can't go wrong...enjoy :D

Jan said...

To quote Margaret Shephard, "Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." You're off to a beautiful start. Good luck! -- Jan