Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cashew Pesto....♥

Ok here we go...

It's easy, it's nutritious and it pretty much kicks your store bought pesto in the face


3 big bunches of the freshest Basil you can find
(wash, and break off leaves) 
1 cup of raw cashew nuts
Juice of a small lemon
1 small clove of garlic
A generous pinch of sea salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wazz it up in a blender adding oil to create your desired consistency.
There are no rules peoples ... add chilli if you like, more salt, lemon, pepper?


Stir it through hot pasta
Melt it on a steamy spud
Spread it on a fresh Baguette ... or better yet THIS bread
Use it in a wrap instead of mayo... you can thank me later
Lavish it on freshly grilled fish 
Dollop it on a salad
Create the perfect base for poached eggs on toast
Boring steamed veg? Not anymore.

A bit of extra motivation...

In just TWO teaspoons of Basil you can get 60% of your daily Vitamin K needs
(read more about how crazy good basil is HERE)
Cashews are a very rich source of essential minerals - more info HERE
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory - more HERE
Garlic is nature's anti-biotic - more HERE
Lemons are very alkalising to our blood (a good thing!) more HERE

I'm astonished at what a powerhouse of goodness this simple spread can be.
I hope you get a chance to make some and enjoy the green deliciousness.
Be aware though that, being fresh, this pesto does not have all the nasty preservatives
that the store bought kind contains..... so....

 Keep it refrigerated and use it promptly.
(and believe me... you will....)


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Dilys said...

Oh, that made my mouth water! I am going to have to try that, I found the best 12 grain bread, that pesto with sliced tomato and a couple of slices of munster or mozzarella cheese melted on it would just be wonderful! Though I will admit, we probably eat too much cheese