Friday, March 1, 2013

Learning again...

I've bought some new stationery, a binder and fresh pencils to be precise.
I need to go to the hardware store and purchase secateurs, needle nose pliers and
(if I can find it) a device called a rose stripper - which de-thorns them with minimum fuss.
I have a beginners kit containing a multitude of items that I will soon 
be using, the most exciting (and frightening) being my new Swiss Army florist knife. 

Thus far we've looked at compact versus light and airy symmetrical arrangements.
We've had a go at wiring, using the floral knife, prepping oasis, cut flower care, 
product preservation, economising, design elements applicable to symmetry, 
best practice, precautionary measures, the wholesale industry, time management 
and last but not least... botanical names...... phew

Floristry is hard peoples! I mean really hard
Now don't misunderstand me.... I am not under any illusion that 
the Hollywood version of this career actually exists.
You know the one I mean...standing around arranging stunning
blooms in a crystal vase ... whilst the birds tweet and the tea brews.
No sir.

Early hours, quick decisions, fast paced work, grubby hands and very little glory. 
Think about it...
When the man in your life hands you that gorgeous bouquet you don't ever say:
"Oh wow... who did this? I must ring him/her and tell them I love it"

However I've come to understand that it's very rarely about accolades
when you are arranging, designing and creating. Yes you want to know
it looks good, it's liked, loved... admired. Only because you'd obviously 
suck at your job if it didn't. No - you do it because time just stands still.
Everything melts away... housework, bills, world issues, the kids, the duties...
I even forget to finish my tea.

I am not sure what other florists will say when they read this.
I have a friend who insists that even when she's run off her feet she 
couldn't think of any other job that would give her the same satisfaction
and pleasure that working with flowers does.

I'm inclined to agree


It's a long weekend here in Perth. 
Young Prince has a buddy staying over and they're in the pool role playing as their heroes. 
Hubby has just arrived home from a great day at work and I've got "homemade fish and chips" cooking as we speak. The weekend consists of a whole bunch of paperwork, some study for moi ... (botanical names are something else peoples!) reading, swimming, markets and herbs... lots and lots of herbs. I hope wherever you are right now you're looking forward to some fun this weekend. See you on the flip side! 


In My Wild Eden said...

Wow. You make me think of it differently and it does sound hard and wonderful and I think you are perfect for it. Your pictures are beautiful and I long to see your amazing creations. I have been gone from my computer. It is good to be back and to visit with you again.

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Stunning photos. I'd love to see more of your floral work too. xo

Neesie said...

Firstly I must say I love your new look and the large photos.
I know exactly how you feel when you're arranging your floral designs...I'm just the same although I haven't a clue what their names are! Botanical or otherwise!
I was tempted to open a florist business last year until I realised that you have to be in the cold constantly (flowers like that and last longer) plus up at 4am to the floral market!
I sort of went off the idea after that :$
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned...we have some friends coming to dinner tomorrow so we'll be having giggles and lots of fun ~ hope you are too!

MILEX said...

it is so you and I love it