Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Everything is going to be ok...

Trying to remember that things always work out. Whether you enjoy the ride or not you're here and that's life. It's not a question of when. When is now.

Trying to remember that time is a construct. You cannot run out of it. Just construct some more.

Trying to remember that my daily gratitude journal is one of the most transformative acts I've ever undertaken - so putting it in a drawer to gather dust makes no sense.

Trying to remember that my dark days are like sun-filled vacations compared to some of the suffering that's happening globally. Right now.

Trying to remember that all the things I've ever asked for I HAVE RECEIVED. Sometimes they were disguised, camouflaged or incognito - but looking back they were still what I needed.

Trying to remember that blogging is privilege .... when people read what I share it's a miracle to me.

Thank you. 


Wendy said...

Those are all good things to remember.

And I agree that a lot of our dark days are a walk in the park compared to so much suffering elsewhere...blimey I've been watching Fox News this morning and looking at the annilhilation of that town in Oklahoma.... and counting my blessings.

Neesie said...

You've written such a thoughtful post today Angy, giving us lots to think about.
It's good to stop awhile and count our blessings :D

Vintage Jane said...

So very true, all too often we need reminding though. M x

ellen said...

Thanks for the reminder. I needed this too.
Wishing you loveliness at every glance.