Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ignorance is NOT bliss...

Yotam Ottolenghi. Heard of him? Of course you have.
Confession time:
I'm a vegetarian - the lax kind that indulges in seafood.
Have been for over two decades.
I had not heard of this vegetable genius until just recently.
(two months ago to be precise)

His famous cookbook Plenty sounded & looked familiar but all else was, as they say, 
news to me.

We are now the proud owners of both Plenty and his new release - Jerusalem.
Stunning with a capital S. 
S for sexy food, sexy photos and very very sexy flavours.

I'm making Daal .... 

...... I'm dry roasting veggies, 
I'm mixing up spice concoctions....


If you love food peoples - and I know you do - then this one is a must.
What the man suggests possible with Beetroot alone will have you rethinking these
pink (tinned & brutalised) babies.


On another note - but still drooling over food.

(Yes it was once a working stable)

Funky setting, decor, feel, vibe? Check✓
Reasonably priced? Check✓
Vegetarian options? Check✓

I had the ...
Warm salad of Beetroot, Farro, Goats Curd and Candied Walnuts
Hubby had the ...
Salad of Roasted Cauliflower, Pearl Barley, Poached Quince and Dukkah
We shared a bowl of Eggplant Chips w/ Toasted Cumin salt (evil!) 

I'll give my final verdict when I sit down to a two/three course meal on a busy evening.
For now though I see real promise! 

Well people I'm off to Indonesia on Saturday morning.
I will try to cope with delicious food, massages, beaches, art and culture.
I will try.

It's only for a week (only she says sheepishly - she's truly VERY grateful)
Young Prince has never been, so we are excited to share this with him.
I have thought about all the photo opportunities and I'm pretty sure I'll have to force myself to 
just stop clicking and simply "be in the now"...

I have trouble with that sometimes (very often) so I'm going to set myself the limit 
of only one image per day. So 8 images that sum up my quick jaunt to Tropics.

Can I do it?

Have a great week peoples.
A safe, special, cosy (southern hemisphere) bright (northern hemisphere) happy, loving, interesting and truly relaxing weekend won't you? 



In My Wild Eden said...

I am so excited to look up the book! My son is vegetarian and has started to learn about cooking in a big way. He will love this book! Thanks for sharing about it! Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

terlee said...

Only 8 photos??? Wow, can't wait to see what you choose.

Happy hols!!

ellen said...

Oh, what a yummy dinner and I am going to check out that cookbook.
Do have a fabulous time and I believe more photos are in order. After all, you can take them and stay off the net and post when you get home.

cara said...

You also need his first book; Ottolenghi. There is some crossover but I have and LOVE all three books, they're incredible. And Ottolenghi is the only one with a really proper section dedicated to cakes, which I think is pretty important in a cookbook! (his apple, olive oil and maple syrup cake will change your life.)