Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On colour... or rather lack thereof....

I'm wondering.... do you have a favourite colour?
Does it surface in many areas of your life?
Are you brave with the use of it?

Or do you just love colour? Period?
Bright and audacious?
Pastel and muted? 

Do you find that some people know there colours better than others?
Are you one of those people?
Go on tell the truth.

I bought my first ever colour wheel recently.
I thought I knew colours...
... really I did.

Turns out I do not

You see this course has challenged me in many ways - but none
so strongly as in the way I understand (and view) colour.

Ok let's clarify a few things first.

I'm not colour blind....
.....I love certain colours more than others....
....I dislike certain colours and colour combinations - immensely.
I have a deep love for muted pastels...
...I have a wardrobe FULL of grey.....
I think black, white and all the shades in between are truly, truly beautiful.

However... (and this is a big however)
... I do not KNOW colours - how they work together, how they clash, WHY they clash, 
what they are made of, what they represent, where they fit .... *

I know how they make me feel though...
... and right now I'd say that I feel pretty overwhelmed.

If you work with flowers you need... no MUST... know colour.

Is this something I can learn? 
I sure hope so....

Otherwise I'm in trouble!


*Ironically when I went to link back to my post about the course I'm studying I noted that the image I used that day was full of colour - and rather nicely composed too I might add. 
I suppose there's hope yet. 


terlee said...

Though this post is about color, your photos are wonderfully muted and soft--something I equate with you, which I guess ties in with your love of muted pastels.

It's red for me, in all its shades and tones and hues...

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Love these shots Fras, and of course you know colour, you put the brightest colors in this world:)!

Neesie said...

You've actually highlighted one of my dark secrets here Angy...I don't think I know colour! :$
Okay I paint and use colour, but I feel it's on a wing and a prayer if it works. I think that could be one reason why I love pen and ink drawing...just black and white!
I did use colour (the more vibrant the better) in my silk painting work but nothing else.
I don't even wear a great range of colour either...black, white, grey and navy with just touches of other colours!
Maybe I need to do a course too.
Eek...now the panic has set in.

Changing the subject slightly, I love your photos as usual. Beautiful pale pastels...I think your talent shines through with or without colour!

In My Wild Eden said...

I love color and am very thankful that I can see it. My husband is color blind and therefore has no input into the colors used in our home. I am free to do as I please and it pleases me to use green! I love mixing greens and blues, aqua and brown. I love color! I don't think you have to worry. From what I've seen of you, you are going to be fine!

Cassandra said...

I love colour and we have hits of red furniture and accessories all through our house. It lifts the spirits and makes you smile. I"m not as good at colour mixing as I would like to be, however I'm quite practiced at identifying colour "shifts" eg, too blue, too yellow etc, after having spent years in a photo lab processing and printing film. It really does become a habit in the end! Nothing annoys me more than a coloured white!

Meanwhile all your photos for this post are just so gorgeous..... love the textures and the vintage feel.

Diana Studer said...

it would be like learning a new language. What is that colour called? And that one?? Such a delicious language - azure, cerulean, dellarobbia, turquoise, aqua. The list is endless.