Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chai loving....

Do you like Chai? It seems quite the in-thing now and yet I still feel pretentious and awkward when I whisper my order to the barista ...

"Excuse me do you make your Chai with real leaves or syrup?.... Real leaves? Great in that case I'll have a (voice drops down a few decibels) large Soy Chai Latte with honey thanks"

I cant abide the syrup stuff... Eew

The reason for soy? I think it tastes creamier and richer

Now that the weather is warming up I'm experimenting with a chilled version

I'd like to have a go at mixing my own brew and you can be sure I'll go a little over the top with ginger

Gorgeous Jo shares a recipe here and if you love the flavours you may even try making a Chai cake

I buy my brew for the tea heaven that is T2 (my home away from home) - some say it's a little heavy with the cardamon pods but I think that's why I like it so much

I even purchased a vintage copper tea strainer to add to the magic of my Chai ritual

Teamed with a few fresh Medjool dates and you have a sweet treat that is actually good for you

So to Chai or not to Chai? What are your thoughts peoples?


Imogen Eve said...

Love Chai. And I must be totally pretentious, because I don't even cringe when I order it!

I have made my own a few times recently – and I much prefer it. I love to add heaps of freshly grated ginger.

terlee said...

I've been drinking chai tea for years. I used to work with a beautiful Indian woman who had her own family blend that she shared with me. Still have the recipe, still drink it several times a week, still love it. It's especially good over ice on a hot Summer's day.

And hey, speak up! Who cares what kind of tea you drink?? Besides, you might make someone else curious enough to try it too... ;D

In My Wild Eden said...

I like Chai. My mother in law always makes it for me when we visit her and now my son makes it for me when he is home. Good people! Your pictures are beautiful as always!

Diana Studer said...

I used to haunt the teashop on the Limmatquai in Zurich. Now it's usually strong Ceylon tea, with milk. Sometimes rooibos cappuchino. Sometimes my own blend, half Ceylon, quarter each of rooibos and honeybush.

Neesie said...

I'm a fanatic but I still think I should experiment more...there's just so many tea's out there.
Like you I always feel guilty or shy when putting my order in too.
Isn't that terrible that we should feel that way.
I visited T2 in Melbourne just before I left and took masses of photographs. I told the assistant that I'd be blogging about it but so far I just haven't fitted it in. I feel guilty about that too...oh dear what it is to have the guilts about everything!
Have a great weekend and let's agree to shout out our order next time to the barista! ;D