Saturday, November 2, 2013


I'm over emotional and shaky on my legs. Although I expect a fair bit of that has to do with the drugs they've given me to handle the pain. 

Pain which now takes on a whole new meaning ... it's cause determined and it's end in sight. 

The pain I was experiencing has been "taken care of" and thanks to the miracle that is modern medicine, the sacred skill that is surgery, the logic that is homeopathy and the mystique that is rest .... 

I. am. getting. better.

I've received cards, flowers, phone calls, foot rubs, dvd box sets, blog comments, chocolate, tea, favours and even letters. I feel so loved, so cared for. So proud.

Proud of myself. I am literally behaving like Cleopatra and getting my boys to do it all for me. Not an easy task for a control freak but I do not want to end up back at square one so rest it must be.

Proud of my boys for banding together to share the duties, the daily tasks, the foot rubs and the love.

Proud of my family for showing me (and each other) every day the transformative powers of love and patience.

I think this whole rest and recuperation thing needs to be viewed from all perspectives don't you?

How else do we value health unless it eludes for a while? How else do we empathise with full time carers of persons whose physical needs far exceed those that we are accustomed to?

The old cliche of "you don't know what you've got til it's gone" .... it's the truth. It's a fact.

Practising gratitude can be a way that we connect with this deeper sense of self - but even then it does not always reveal the full magnitude of something quite as important as our health and our loved ones. 

No,  I can honestly say that "losing certain capabilities" - even for only a short while - has really taught me the value of a body that "just does what you want it to do"

To all of you who are facing a health challenge I send you love, patience and angelic cherubs to help you through. Keep the faith. Never lose hope and trust in the metamorphic power of love.

Big love from me on my couch... with my remote... my heat bags and my pooch.

♥♥♥         ♥♥♥        ♥♥♥       ♥♥♥        ♥♥♥       ♥♥♥       ♥♥♥        ♥♥♥      ♥♥♥


In My Wild Eden said...

Oh Angy, I am so happy you are on your way to feeling better. You have expressed so many thoughts in this post that I have come to myself. I too have lost things I took for granted and yet realize how blessed I still am in so many ways. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. They are always so beautiful and thoughtful. I always feel that we have sat down together with a nice cup of Chai and had a wonderful chat. I am so happy that you have your wonderful guys. Keep feeling better.

terlee said...

How wonderful to have such support and love around you just when it's needed most.

Blessings on a complete and uncomplicated recovery. In no time you'll be your new old self... ;D

Diana Studer said...

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If you want more colour and have semi-shade try Polygala myrtifolia, September bush. Unusual flowers with a tassel.
You can browse thru PlantZAfrica.

Good to hear that you are in recovery mode. Wish you a quick and complete return to full health as you once were.

Kylie said...

I hope your recovery is speedy Angy, and that you bounce back to your usual self quickly. Take care, Kylie x

sevenhundredwords said...

so lovely to hear you are feeling better, and how well looked after you are.

Neesie said...

Oh it's so wonderful to read that you are recovering Angy. That's so good to hear and makes me happy. I've been sending all my positive thoughts your way so I hope they helped.
You're words are perfect and I can relate to them. I try to treasure each day and to be thankful for my health...whether it's 100% or a little under par. There's always someone else who is suffering or troubled more.
It's also lovely to hear that you are being spoilt by your boys. Blessings to you all and carry on the good work recouporating :D

Vintage Jane said...

So glad you are recuperating well, surrounded by the love and warmth of your family. Take care and take time. M x