Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vintage Paper Christmas Wreath

Inspired by these projects on Pinterest I had a go at making my own vintage paper Christmas Wreath.
(Well technically it's a more of a round starburst than a traditional circle with a hole in the middle)
I used pages from a set of old encyclopaedias that I thrifted at the local Vinnies. ($20 for 15 books!)
It's really quite a simple project and there are no rules so you can should let your imagination run wild

I used double sided tape to roll the pages into funnel shaped cylinders
It took me a few tries to get a good shape and the paper was quite aged so I recommend the wider size tape if you can  - for better grip
You then attach the paper rolls to a circular piece of polystyrene or even strong cardboard in a fan shape ... I used tacky craft glue and it worked really well ... 

In the middle of mine I glued a fabric flower and some black feathers from my chicken run
I also used some glitter glue to add a touch of bling
I really do apologise for not taking more photos of the process itself but there are clear instructions on the pinterest link above ... as well as many more great Christmas DIY ideas I might add...

On the back I used ribbon, glue AND thumb tacks to make sure that it wont come crashing to the ground - I fear that would tear or break the aged paper so I urge you to do the same.

... and there you have it... 
An unpcycled, recycled vintage paper wreath
Full of character and completely unique.
I plan on making some bunting (of course) with the same paper and then mixing in some linen, burlap, botanicals and bling... as you do.... for an Aussiefied Christmas

What do you think? 
If you love a homemade Christmas then check out Melissa's blog for her "Get Your Christmas Craft On" posts that ALWAYS inspire me
In the meantime ... only 40 sleeps peeps .... (squeal) 


terlee said...

I love your wreath! And there goes my morning while I check out your rec's for Christmas crafts... ;D

ellen said...

Oh, I do like your wreath and I love the color.