Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Turning 40…keeping it real… gratitude and all the other stuff

So I'm 40
or … put another way…
I've arrived at the halfway mark if I live to be 80
I've spent 14 600 days upon this here planet!

Hip hip hoooray!! 

A wonderful weekend of celebrations
A trip planned to The Big Apple (squeal)
A whole lot of treats 
A face full of chocolate 
A reflective state of mind…
The result?

A blog post to commemorate the magnitude of having made it thus far…

So what does it mean to turn the big Four O?
Well it means whatever you want it to mean, I guess.

I've had a lot of people ask me how I feel about "getting older"
and whilst I'm not drawing wrinkles on my face (a healthy dose of 
vanity and self preservation does exist I assure you) I have to confess 
I feel blooming blessed… some people don't make it this far …. and I have.

I've lost friends and family members who would have given anything
to stick around and grow old with their partners, kids and grand kids.
I've seen to many people become preoccupied with looks, possessions
competition, money, politics blah blah blah… 

I've known myself all my life (pardon the pun) and I'm all too aware of what
it means to stress (I have been guilty of worrying just a tad too much in my time)
and lose perspective of what really matters… and as cliche as it sounds there 
REALLY are only a handful of things that REALLY matter … the rest is 
just filler peoples… and some of it pretty toxic filler at that.

I have so many blessings in my life and when I consider
the lives of those cut short, those who are alone, those who
have a sour disposition, those in poverty, those facing illness, 
those who hate the idea of getting older …. well then really all I
can do is smile and feel EXTRAORDINARILY grateful.

So here's to turning 40 … with pride and with gusto!
May the next 40 eclipse the last and may Cleo Magazine 
be telling the truth when they boldly state: 

40 is the new 30 Peoples! (!?)

Personally I may look older but I still feel like this 
little sprite inside….

 ...those legs still crack me up!


How are you all going lovely peoples?
Care to comment on the "ageing process" ?
Do you feel like I do … that ageing is a blessing?
Do you resent getting older?
Do you think we worship youth and youth culture?
Do you think older is wiser?
Do you feel scared when you think of yourself at 50…60… 70?
Or (like me) are you curious… ready for new adventures… 
maybe even looking for new challenges??

Do tell



Neesie said...

Well I'll have to let you know how I feel about turning 40 when I get there sweetie ;D (wink wink and choking gasps)
Enough jokes...I'm truly blessed as you are Angy. We both recognise that which in itself is a blessing.

Your photographs are beautiful,
The one of you and your legs is soooo cute!
I bet you're excited about your trip to the Big Apple. I've never been there...well other than through the airport but it's on my list.
I've lost far too many people who were very special to me, so I'm living each day to the max and appreciating every little thing.
My life is full and I wish you all the best of everything for your next 40 years!
Enjoy ♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥
p.s. you are a little darling sending my that surprise birdie card. I had such a wonderful surprise and couldn't stop smiling all day reading it out to everyone who would listen. Thank you so much...it was so thoughtful ♥

Diana Studer said...

I remember 40. It was just before we left Switzerland for the third time. I blink, and I'm hurtling to 60.

Happiest of birthdays to you!

In My Wild Eden said...

Happy birthday! I like getting older. Somehow I feel I might also be getting wiser. And since I still feel young inside, I don't worry about it. I love your attitude!

In My Wild Eden said...

Oh, and I love, love, love your pictures!

the best part of my day... said...

I too am turning 40 this year. Already feeling quite reflective. Enjoyed your post very much ;-)