Saturday, July 23, 2011

Down South

A rammed earth cottage in the middle of five acres of quintessential Australian Bushland.
A few days of nothing but rest and relaxation.
A trip to the Valley of the Giants 
(first time for us)
Climbing the Gloucester Tree! (Facing your fears)
Drinking the best red wine.
Eating soup, pizza and pasta.
Sleeping in

Yes please!
This was a vacation to savour.
The JAm family (with Pooch of course) just being.
It's highly under rated this "just being" business.
At first I felt the urge to organise, tackle a book, 
clean (*!?#) and then slowly this manic obsessive behaviour of mine dissolved into a pool of sweet nothing...ness. Sit... look... think... don't think.
Read - or not.
Wait... walk... have a beer... eat now... eat later.
Who cares?
(Certainly not the kangaroos that greeted us every morning)

Fact (s)

(if you're heading down South in Western Australia)
You can have pizza every day for a week. 
You can have pasta every day for a week.
Being a red wine snob is not a bad thing.
Harry Potter rocks (I whittled a wand for my son... yes that's right... I.... "whittled"!)
Lavender scones with honey and clotted cream are quite unlike anything I've ever had before.
A family vacation is a blessing.
I love my life.

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Eleni said...

Wow, this looks wonderful! You didn't climb that tree, did you?! It's huge! A giant, I suppose... :)