Sunday, July 31, 2011

When it rains it pours!

Well as I sit and type this the heavens have opened outside.
The SEVENTH shower today! Funny thing is only 10 minutes ago this is what it looked like outside...

Crazy crazy weather yes. Now of course I'm not one to complain about the rain
(even though I do love a drizzle above a full blown thunderstorm) and I'm certainly not one to wish it away, especially since the farmers could really do with their dam levels increasing.
Still it has made my presence in the garden a little slack and I am looking forward to tackling a number of tasks that loom on the horizon. At the moment the weeds are taunting me and the vegie/herb patch looks like an orphanage of brown misery. The only thing thriving is the rocket...

Um.. maybe thriving a little too much
(seem to recall you should not let your herbage go to flower ...oops)
Over the weekend, Hubby and I took the time to collect some lemons and oranges from our beautiful citrus trees.

We had way more lemons than oranges.
So many in fact, we had to put a whole tub on the verge for people to help themselves.
Now I need some "lemony" ideas so that I do not waste any more.
I'm thinking... lemon curd, lemons in salt and lemonade.

On a "fungal" note... I managed to spot a cute little glass toad stool whilst thrifting on Friday. 
The perfect addition to my moss terrarium.
And on Saturday we had a fabulous Thai dinner with dear friends of ours.
The chef cooked up a feast ...

My favourite being the Prawn noodle stir fry ....

and this dude - a Chinaman Cod
Cooked in Soy and Lemongrass. Yum!
We finished of the night with a cheese platter and a family game of Vingt Et Un.
(I learnt that this is French for 21 - otherwise known as Blackjack)
Congratulations Sambo - you are quite high roller.

And last but not least I am proud to say that our ladies are laying eggs for us every day.
Even with all the thunderstorms and wind they are being such troopers.
I ate my first two from the batch on Friday and I do not think I'm being biased when I say the yolks were the most resplendent yellow I've ever seen... and sooo tasty.
Thank you girls. We are eggstremely grateful for your eggcellent eggforts.
(No more .... I promise.. ok maybe just one... 
When I saw the first one I was nothing short of eggstatic.)
Ok. I'm done now

PS - One last thing... On Sunday I saw this movie...

and it was FANTASTIC! 
HIGHLY recommended.

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