Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perfect (perfect) Pasta...

Apologies Hubby.
In all my prattling about moss and cottages I completely forgot to post about the pasta that you made for dinner last night! 

Hubby (laughing) -  Why are you taking photos?
Moi - So that I can blog about it - I mean look at it! It's perfect!
Also the photos I took of your last pasta dish looked like spew... sorry.
Hubby (still laughing) Well thank you that you think my lasagna is blog worthy
(complete false modesty)
Moi - Well duh! Look at it. It's perfect! Ok let's eat.
Hubby - Uh.. It's molten hot at the mo...
Moi - I don't care. 
(it's never pretty to see a woman drool)

Ok. So I'm really not a fan of blaspheming and/or swearing.
However  - there are meals that call for this kind of profanity.
(Actually if I'm going to be honest I'm quite the foul mouthed sailor when it comes to food. Especially pasta... & cake. In my defense I usually explete in my mind  - or I mouth the words silently to my Hubby across the room whilst rolling my eyes and swooning)

And you should know that this lasagne was made from scratch!
(That's sauce AND pasta sheets...from scratch... you could taste the love)

If it's possible to cheat on your Husband with one of his culinary dishes then my dear...
I'm so sorry... forgive me.

When it came out the oven it looked like a great big puffy pillow!
So to my gorgeous hunk of a man (and his Magimix) 
"Thank you"

You rock my world
(Not just my taste buds)

Oh and guess what he's just pulled out the oven?

Whole Cumquat & Lemon Cake
(with syrup)

Gordon Bennet!! 
I am the luckiest gal I know... for shizzle!

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