Friday, August 26, 2011


Those quiet hours of the morning before everyone else surfaces.
Those moments before the sun rises and the house begins speaking its familiar language.
Before the world starts buzzing, the Child starts smiling, the Hubby starts working 
and the Pooch starts scratching.

Due to a rather unshakeable cough I've been waking up at these odd hours twixt midnight and morn.
I usually make a cup of tea and go and sit in the loungeroom so as not to wake anyone.
Everything is so still and I find myself listening to the sounds I never notice during the day...

Ticking clocks, appliances that hum, wind.... breathing.

Then as the sun rises and I awake - usually I've dozed off on the couch - I see all that a home contains lit naturally by this wonderful ball of fire we know as the sun. 
This early morning light being my favourite kind of luminosity.
Pouring into my kitchen...

Crisp, clean and blue... different to my other favourite form of lambency...

... the warmth and radiance from a candle.

Mmmm... one certainly has time for new thoughts (however random)
 when one is bunged up with an illness that forces you to slow down and take stock.
These blossoms were given to me when I was having a particularly rough day and it provided me with a much needed "pick me up".
A reminder that the world keeps spinning even when your not.

I am healing. 
This illness has been a good thing.
Can't believe I can say that now, but it has.
It's added to my many bank accounts... patience, perspective, gratitude.

Here's to health... and sickness.
How would we love and cherish one without the other for contrast?

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Eleni said...

Gorgeous pictures, as ever! Cute bunny! Sorry you're feeling ill, though, but as you say, sometimes it's secretly nice to be forced to slow down :)