Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bed Blob...

Wonderful weekend from Friday 3:45pm right through to Sunday 10:30am.
Cake. Tea. Hamburgers. Shopping for birthday presents. Boys Best Bud Sleep Over.
All good, all fun, all yummy.

Everyone (including Pooch) having a cosy, relaxing time.

Now for all you male bloggerlites out there.... kindly block your ears.
Sunday morning "lady issues/hormones and headaches" hit with a vengeance.

Hubby comes to the rescue and sets up a mini cinema in bed, complete with PMT blend essential oils burning, a bowl of cereal with vanilla soy milk and the trusted heat bag.
(I really am the luckiest wife in all the land)

I decided to watch an old favourite that reminds me of my Dad.
(He passed away a while ago and this was the last movie we saw in the cinema together)

Starring the legendary Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Martin Short.
It's a harmless and silly family comedy and I love it.
My reasons are of course sentimental and personal however I'd still recommend it for innocent, wholesome family viewing.

Basically it's about George Banks (Martin) and his reaction to the news that his beloved little girl is now getting married - a fact that this doting Dad is struggling to accept.
(excuse the dodgy images - I took them with my phone straight of the screen)

Even though Steve Martin is his usual comical self it's actually the character of the "over the top wedding co-ordinator" Frank (pronounced Fr -ah -nk) played by Martin Short that remains my favourite.
My son and I both love this film and we can see why they made a sequel.

The ridiculous "FRAHNK"

Nina bailing George out of jail for stealing hot dog buns....

Very silly yes, but nevertheless a film that still warms my heart and makes me cry.
Indeed I'm sure I needed to shed a few tears (hormonal and otherwise) since I have a very big week coming up. My young Prince turns 13 on Wednesday.
I know it's all a part of life but my head is reeling and all I can think is 
Methinks, much like George Banks - I too will need some time to adjust.

How was your weekend peoples? Anything exciting?

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Michelle Walker said...

Hee hee very funny look so cozy just chillin out...lucky girl.