Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seasonal senti-mental-ity

Call me crazy (and crazy I am!) but I'm going to miss Winter. 
Yes I know... sunshine, warmth, swimming, beer and stuffed chillies...
And I am looking forward to all of this, but a tiny whiff of melancholy has crept in.
Good bye toes socks, au revoir wooly scarves, tata to red jacket and black boots...sniff sniff.

As I find myself drinking in the scent of spring blooms and cutting down on the winter layers I am slapped about the face by logic and gratitude....

...and colour!
(our Cumquat bush is soldiering on like trooper, oblivious to the seasons end.
Poor thing has no idea that he can just put his feet up now and rest. Shhh!)

Grevillea Peaches & Cream
Indeed the garden (however neglected) has erupted in a show of blooms and foliage 
that cannot possibly allow one to stay in a gloomy mood. 
Perhaps I do love Spring as much as I do Winter?

Duranta erecta - Sheena's Gold
Of course I do.

This is the time of the year that I cannot bear to be cooped up inside. 
Temperatures are kind, the breeze is still fresh and a variety of wildlife visit all day long.

Dogus Maximus
Well maybe not so very wild.

We had a verge collection last week.
(For those unfamiliar with the term - Our local shire allow you to place hard rubbish 
that cannot fit in a bin - think old mattresses, tellies and clothes drying racks - as well as green waste  - think bigger tree branches and nasty weeds - on the verge for council pick up. 
They use a bob-cat and what takes you a week to trim, collect and bag takes them 7 minutes to clear.)

Hubby and I worked really hard to get it all done & then celebrated by dragging a cane chair 
(that I had grabbed from someone else's verge collection -
 known as pre-verge collection collecting.
.... Or just scabbing)
 up to the back of our block so that we could drink beer & hang with our Chooks.

Apricot Blossoms
We grabbed a bag of crisps, two ice cold Buds and sat back admiring the weekends efforts.
Thankfully I can now taste what I'm eating - still coughing like a seal in distress though.

Our pool shed covered in Potato Vine

Native Freesia
The weather was sublime and even though every muscle ached and I had cut myself to ribbons on a nasty plant - I was in heaven. Just the tonic for a recovering chest infection if you ask me.

I have big plans for this spot in the garden....
Soon to brim with herbs and cherry tomatoes.

The old garden trowel was kept very busy digging holes for bulbs, seeds and succulents.

So yes...
I will adjust. I will cherish Spring, survive Summer and then sweet ol Autumn will come 
calling by again. Crazy seasonal sentiments.... sigh.

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