Monday, October 3, 2011

Grey but more than Ok...

We've had Grey skies for the last few days.
Low hanging clouds reminiscent of cool winter mornings - but without the cool.
Although some might find the lack of colour a bit of a downer - I do not.
Apart from the cold sore - My week has been anything but Grey.

Still... I'm loving the Grey so much I thought I'd stick with it....

There's been couch time - watching the last two episodes of 

A few thrifted treasures that made my day...

....the sweetest silver sugar spoons...

....a few more wooden rulers...
(any one else love these?)

A handcrafted wooden letter keeper made in 1933...

More vintage books

.... filled with the most darling illustrations

An art book filled with Raphael's work.

More of the Grahame Johnstone sisters work!
(Yay for me!)

.... a genuine 16oz Bovril Jar
(made in the UK)


One of the most beautiful handmade dresses I've ever had the pleasure of 
wearing, owning and loving.
This dress (and the story behind it) is completely post worthy so
I'll be writing about it soon.

But the highlight of the whole weekend was definitely my Niece staying for a sleepover

Her admiration (verging on worship) of my Young Prince
was something to behold...

His patience (verging on saintly) with her
something to treasure....

Pancakes for Breakfast, Sea Monkeys (remember those?), Go Fish, Chicken Patting, 
Singing on a Trampoline, New Tricks on Monkey Bars, Cannelloni Heaven, 
Watching Cartoons and Staying up (VERY) Late.



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

This is a most eclectic post but one which is a delight to look at and read. And the pictures of your niece are lovely and certainly are enough to chase grey skies away.

erleichda said...

i love this gray pictures. and of cource your treasures ; ) lovely

In My Wild Eden said...

Your post was wonderful! Gray is beautiful! And I love wooden rulers! Especially the thick ones. I had one like that when I was kid. I lost it and have been looking for one like it ever since.

Eleni said...

Oh, those teaspoons!