Monday, October 31, 2011

Long Weekend...

(Yep the real deal "curtsy upon greeting" 
& wave with a gloved hand)
...we had a long weekend

Western Australians were generously given the Friday off & I was most excited to begin celebrations with a carpet picnic in front of the telly.
On the new tea drum.
(If you're wondering what the heck a tea drum is please see this post)

We drooled over Escape to the Country (these sorts of shows help me to to appreciate Hubby's big screen telly) and we grazed on a myriad of nibbles...

...whilst consuming white AND red wine
(how lavish)

Friday we bundled in the car and drove to York
A beautiful old town in the Avon Valley

We dined at a pub (shall remain nameless) where the decor was lovely...

...but the food was average.... sigh.

(I really wanted to steal one these pulleys)

Must say though... the tipple was top notch.
(Am I sounding at all English or just... um ... stupid?)

York is Western Australia's first inland settlement and boasts some rather lovely Victorian 
& Federation buildings. European settlement dates back to 1831. It is also one of the few places in our state to enjoy Historic Town Classification. 
(Please be aware - I Googled these facts.... I'm not really a smarty pants)

I explored the Town Hall and was (pleasantly) reminded of my old school assembly hall.

Bear in mind I grew up in Africa where the History dates back a good century further than that of our dear old land down under...we're still in nappies really.
I do believe we (here in Oz) are getting better at preserving and cherishing our historic buildings.
Usually we are pretty keen to just tear something down and start all over again... Grrr.
(Blame our arrogant teenage perspective... and convict history??)

Personally, it breaks my heart to think of something as lovely as this being neglected.
It was wonderful to see the effort made to preserve this engaging country treasure.
Pressed tin ceilings, wooden floorboards, sash windows... just stunning.

We stopped in at a place called The Mill, a gallery exhibiting (and selling) the art & craft of 
York locals. This table - made from a single piece of Marri wood literally took our breath away.
A bargain at fifteen thousand dollars. I realise that not everyone has that kind of dosh lying around but lets face it - when do any of us get to own an entire tree - in our dining room?
(note the markings on the table - river pebbles that have been preserved within the grain of the wood with resin - this kind of masterpiece truly is one of a kind)

The drive home was equally as relaxing and ambient as the visit itself.

I arrived home to find one of my lillies open - the first for summer.

I also managed to pick up a few vintage books (for bunting) from some of the local
bric a brac stores. My favourite is the one titled: Sly Little Bear.

A tale about a furry fella who refuses to do as Mummy Bear asks
& gets up to all sorts of mischief...

... like pretending to take a bath

Seriously ... how cute is this rapscallion expression?

Then Saturday we spent a couple of hours "loving the home back into order"
Here's my son vacuming - whilst listening to tunes of course
(who says boys don't multi-task)

Cleaning was followed with Hubby and Prince attending a Parkour lesson
(think free running bootcamp) whilst Mum tried (and I mean tried) to sort out Christmas shopping in two hours - a non event.
Luckily we were rewarded with a fabulous meal at 
the Chateau De Crazy Clarkes
(the coolest family in Kalamunda - Thanks Dudes!)

Sunday was spent trying to catch up with ...well... everything.
We are leaving for Christmas vacation in 6 weeks (Eeeek!)
Current status- tentative break in the clouds.
Forecast - positive with just a tiny smidge of panic.

Your weekend peoples?

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Eleni said...

Ooh, has the Queen been visiting? Sorry, I spent most of this weekend either inebriated or suffering from the effects of inebriation (how terribly British of me!) so I haven't been anywhere near a news report! Well, I hope she behaved herself and that nobody let Philip say anything.

PS: That table is sublime!