Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jaunting to Melbourne...

Well it's a rather exciting affair when Hubby says:
"Marty (my Dad-in-law and my Boss) is flying us all to 
Melbourne for the Siren Awards"

My response:
"1 shriek, 2 squeals, an uncoordinated happy dance 
and the embarrassing (involuntary) "Nooo Way!?" 

You see ....

... I LOVE Melbourne ever so much.
(not just because it's cold and I get to wear my winter threads)

It's where I first moved to when I left home....

... It's where I met Hubby and fell in love 
(accepting his proposal after only SIX days... not kidding)

It's where I made many a happy memory with dear
friends and family...

It's where I hope to live AGAIN one day
(with any luck in the above building... I mean get out of town!
Me..... LIVING in the "Tea House" .... Pffff!)

It's a city filled to the brim with everything and anything.

We stayed in apartments situated in the heart of town.
The building itself has quite a history.
Built in 1884 and designed by renowned Australian architect William Pitt.
(The above image is taken from inside the inner courtyard)

We only had to step outside the foyer and we were within spitting distance of
trams, restaurants, bars and theatres.

Further down the street is China Town 
A colourful spectacle of clashing cultures and architecture....

.... that has to be seen to be....

... understood?

Hubby and I ventured to favourite haunts where 
we reminisced over the past ....

... as well as planned for the future....
(crazy, dreamy, pie-in-the-sky plans... the best kind)

... you see Melbourne is very grey... very wet and 
ever so ... dare I say it... London...ish.

So for two "wanna be Brits" ...

... you can just imagine the fun we had.

Coincidentally Hubby's birthday was on the Saturday and so,
 in honour of this auspicious occasion, we embarked on a culinary skirmish
 that began with a French Cafe and ended with a Thai feast.
(he was a very merry bear indeed)

With so much to see and do we knew we needed to 
squeeze every second out of every day  -  as a result we've returned feeling
much like one does when one runs a marathon... in heels.

I need to make mention of one particular store....

... by the name of Mark Denver 

Loosely coined as "Vintage Industrial" but I feel 
better described as .... well ....

Definootilly my style. I could easily have stayed
in here for another two hours but we had a lunch booking 
and I had to settle for a quick peruse (drool) and a brief chat 
with the friendly Jenny (Mark was out back) - who informed me
that they do ship across Australia .... sigh.

I think the thing I love the most about Melbourne
is the ease with which one can get around and the 
variety of things you can experience. It's what 
a city should be... exciting, unique, cultured and vibrant.

I had the good fortune of 
stumbling upon one of my favourite design houses
(situated off Brunswick street in 
the funky and arty district that is Fitzroy)

To be honest I could ramble about this great town 
for eons. It has an atmosphere that I adore and 
I'm especially proud of how "anything goes"...

... how people here blend in because their colours - no matter how
vivid (or dull) are all just a fitting match to the eclectic backdrop
of a place that oozes "unique"

I know I'll be back again soon....

... but until then...

... Thank you for having us Melbourne.

PS - Congrats to Marty for doing well at the awards! 
(and a MAHOOSIVE thank you for letting us come along to celebrate)


Kylie said...

Love Melb too. My husband's a Melbourne boy and we lived there while he was finishing his degree. And we got married there too. Great post, I agree with everything you say...
Know where I'll be shopping next time I get there...NO prizes for guessing!

In My Wild Eden said...

You have painted a beautiful picture in my mind of your wonderful Melbourne and I am not a city person so that's not at all easy! Your pictures are amazing. I got lost in several of them and would have been quite happy to stay there, but I wanted to see what was next. Wonderful post!

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Way cool photos Ang, especially the second last one, and yes, can't wait to explore Melbourne with you next time!!

Neesie said...

What can I say...I'm lucky to live here in Melbourne.
Loved seeing it through you're eyes and I have such a problem highlighting all that's here so thanks for helping out ;D
I had the kettle on waiting for you're visit!
I'm so happy you had such a great time.
Have a wonderful Wednesday :D

Kylie said...

Couldn't find an email address for you, but I had to let you know that The Chapel Street Bazaar was the only tip I was able to give Austin. Great minds and all that! It's also where I bought my wedding dress - vintage of course.
Thanks for your suggsetion Angie, we'll have to catch up one of these days x