Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Macabees and more...

Had the (awesome) opportunity to see The Macabees
play in in the city on the weekend
They were....


Their energy on stage was infectious and they 
looked so freaking happy to be doing what they were doing.
I love it when you're able to witness somebody 
"in their element"... 
just oozing joy and satisfaction... it's uplifting
and catchy and above all very inspirational - don't you think?

Speaking of oozing happiness...

This is Eddie (and his best friend - aka ball)

This is Eddie doing what he loves doing above and beyond
anything else... We throw - he fetches.
We throw  - he fetches.

Luckily we've had the perfect weather for long and
indulgent strolls to the park...

I think Eddie prefers a drier climate too.
 (mainly because he has to have a bath if the park is muddy) 

So we have all taken deep breaths and savoured this
little taste of Spring...

... that's lingered well into Autumn.

It's as though the Sun forgot to bid us farewell....

... and head of to hemispheres that need her now.

I dont want to be the one to remind her that
duty is calling her elsewhere.
When she does head your way make sure and tell her
'Thanks' - from all of us in Perth. 
We've loved that she's holidayed with us
just that teeny bit longer than expected :-) 

The rest of the week is shaping up to be just 
as pleasant and if I play my cards right I might find myself
out in the garden again  - possibly able 
to plant some much needed colour.

In the meantime I'll have to settle 
for the blossoms on this pretty fabric I'm using at the moment.

So what's been happening in your neck of the woods?
What's in store for your weekend?

I've been drinking loads of freshly squeezed juices 
and making delicious green smoothies.

I think the combination of sunshine and chlorophyll
has gone straight to my brain!
I'm actually excited to go to work tomorrow??

Ok.... I'll sign off now - but I'll be back soon.
As always.

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Eleni said...

Don't worry, I'll be sure to give her a very warm welcome when she arrives!