Thursday, August 9, 2012

Favourites ...

Here are few of my favourite pins...

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Fritz Lang's Metropolis 

Stand by Me

Leonard Cohen

The Kills 
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Heaven's above  - I think I could easily
eat myself into a coma with that dish. Easily.

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I'v tried ever so hard to link back all the images to the original source
but where I've failed I've linked them back to my board or 
another viable information site.
I'm definitely one of those people who wants to give credit 
where credit's due 
(after all if you've been given inspiration isn't it
good manners to say Thank You?)

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Still ...
(and there's always a but) 

This world wide web of ours
has made sharing a lot harder to keep track of.
You want to put your work out there
but you don't want it used in a way you never intended.
What to do?
and I suppose I do too...
(although mine is a wee bit more relaxed
and philosophical)

Give.. share and trust ...

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If one of my images appears somewhere unexpected 
one day ... ?
Well then I pray for the Grace
to accept it's journey.

Having said that here's one that's gone around but I paraphrased
it to suit my ... how shall we put it... tastes?

Tee hee ...

Well peoples  - I hope you all have
some snazzy weekend plans ahead?

Nothing much - which actually
suits me just fine.

Catch ya! 


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

The Modigliani is absolutely superb. He is an artist whose work we consider to be exceedingly interesting, not least for the way in which his portraits clearly show the influence of El Greco, or so we believe.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy my visit here so much, its refreshingly calming for some reason, have a wonderful weekend,

Neesie said...

Wonderful images and I love, love, love that tea cosy ;D
I'm hoping the weather will improve for the weekend...if not then I'll just get cosy and wait for Spring!

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Love all of these Fras, they are all so very you!! Especially that shower - awesome. I MUST have been a male living in America in a previous life, when I saw the Stand By Me boys I just stopped and stared with a strange feeling - their vibe is so familiar. Could also be because I watched the movie 50 times!! Love you (you and River) :)

In My Wild Eden said...

Such a wonderful collection of pins! I am glad to know you are on Pinterest. Now I am one of your followers. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

Krystal Lee said...

love your pins! also, i laughed out loud at the the last one haha! i have that sometimes too! x