Monday, August 13, 2012

Sew... Bah! Tea ... Doh! ...

Oh I've been ALL over the place these last few days...

The weekend was cosy and fun and social and then 
Monday came knocking... well actually I guess
it would be more accurate to say I crashed into her as one does
when one is deep in thought and not watching where one is heading.... Ouch.

Instead of having a clear and purpose filled map for my week I've 
been made rudely aware of the fact that if I don't write lists, well then
I may as well just go back to bed ... for the week. 

Of course when you're lists contain items as disparate as 
clean out handbag, stock up first aid kit, paint laundry, make bunting... uh GROOM...
Well then I just find myself attending to my default setting: 
Tea + camera + wander around aimlessly.

Yes I find beauty and inspiration but it aint gonna get the washing done...

Aside - does anyone else struggle with the "handbag clutter" thing?
Receipts, tissues, school notices, business cards 
(I'm actually looking through the pile I've emptied on the lounge floor now) 
ideas scribbled on the back of receipts,
 a half eaten chocolate bar, your child's books, your books, a lip
balm missing it's lid (ewww) MORE receipts 
(Heavens what the heck have I been buying????) 

Can you see why the kettle calls? Why it's sometimes so 
distracting to see empty little vials and vases that beckon to be filled
with blooms from the garden? Which then leads to impromptu
weeding which ironically was NOT on my list ...

Then inevitably the tummy rumbles which reminds me I'm hungry
and no sooner have I had lunch 
(and the ever important second ... ok third ... cup of tea)
and the clock says... 

"Time for the school run. No. 
Put the creative stuff down.... Find the grocery list.... good...
.....remember your sunglasses, your phone... hurry you're late"
(I'm positive I'm not the only one who has a 
relationship with their  clock .... surely?)

Of course my son is my most favourite distraction and 
by the time we've shared our afternoon tea and chatted and
taken care of homework, walking the dog and planning dinner....

.... it's all over ... Monday is gone ... for good...
... And I find myself sitting in Tuesday ... looking for my list.


Peoples - I am going to exercise ENORMOUS self restraint here
and refrain from visiting you all in blogland...
(at least until I've taken care of the handbag eruption)
but when I do I know I'll find kind words... inspiration...
clarity... adventure and maybe even a list or two.
See you soon ♥

PS - I do have a "job" but I think I should treat my work
at home as I would a regular work day - two breaks, no internet
and certainly NO tea ... until the "to-do" lists are completed.
Oh who am I kidding?!


Kylie said...

The most beautiful photos as always Angy. Blogging is a distraction and commenting, reading, writing does take up time we could use (me especially) to do other things. I am on a blogging roll at the mo, I'm like a machine! But this will not last - I feel it will be time for me to step away from the computer again for a while very soon x

p.s. I do NOT own a handbag! True. Hate the things!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Oh dear, it really does all sound to be a little bit daunting but we should not dream of making suggestions as to how you might change things.

But, lists we loathe and seldom, if ever, make them. Sorry, that is no help either.

Neesie said...

Oh we are so alike's uncanny.
Tea, lists and cluttered handbags!

I haven't peaked into the bottom of my bag for quite some time now...I wonder what lurks within? Eeww! :$

I have to build myself up to enter the merky depths, but it's certainly not going to be on a Monday!
I helps if I have my bag on the front seat of the car and pull up at the traffic lights quickly ~ it flys to the floor...upside down and voilĂ ! Emptied!

In My Wild Eden said...

Your pictures are so beautiful and calming. Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog. It brought me a good measure of peace. Thank you.

Imogen Eve said...

You sound just like me. Tea + camera + wander round aimlessly. Seriously, I find myself doing this daily.

Anna Macoboy said...

Hi Angy! I just stopped by Mr Sparrow and found the most lovely gift from you waiting for me! Thank you so much! You are an amazingly sweet and generous person. The bunting is beautiful and I can't wait to put it up in our new house and make it a home :) (I leave in just over a week). I would have written you an email but I'm working off my iPhone at the moment and don't have your address. Anyway, thank you again for your beautiful gift and generous soul xxx

Eleni said...

Ha ha, I definitely crashed into Monday this week, too! But you're looking at it all wrong: when someone asks you what you did today, you can say, with confidence, that you got some gardening done!