Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Bees...

Oh, give us pleasure in the orchard white,
Like nothing else by day, like ghosts by night;
And make us happy in the happy bees,
The swarm dilating round the perfect trees. 
(Robert Frost)

Yes people .. it's official. 
Spring has arrived in Perth.
She's unpacked her bags.
She'll be staying a while methinks

This is good news for Maris...

... Lillith....

.... and (stunning) Roz...

... they love all the bugs, the worms and the flies that
inevitably accompany Spring to town.

Eddie loves it too... he doses in the sunshine and
starts whenever a bee buzzes by...

... the garden needs some TLC ...

...but we'll get there I'm sure...

Meantime I'm just soaking up all the 
life ... the energy... 

... the abundance.

I treated myself to a bunch of Ranunculus
(such a harsh name for such a delicate flower?)

They're from the lovely Sandy 

I spent the morning photographing
(& chatting) her stunning store.
I'll be posting about that soon.
In the meantime I have these to 
brighten up the house and 
affirm the seasons change.

What is in store for your weekend peoples?

(having the worlds most supportive Hubby
requires one to make some 
sacrifices from time to time)

Gardening - nothing too major - just
pottering, weeding and sowing seeds.

Reading - I have two novels on the go 
and I plan on finding me a tree, a tea-pot
and a pillow at some stage.

Editing ... I made a short film about our beach house
adventure and I'm putting it together to share.

Well as you can see not too much ahead but when
you factor in eating, sleeping, baking and 
hanging out with family the weekend seems
too short. Bring on school holidays I say.

Take care peoples.
Enjoy the sunshine fellow Oz folk.
Warmth and lingering sunshine to all 
well North of the Equator :-) 



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

What a wonderfully uplifting post on what is here, in Budapest, a grey, overcast and, we suspect, damp morning. How lovely it is to think of you this weekend with the prospect of spring and all of the joy which that season brings. And you have chosen some lovely images to reflect both your mood and the time of year.

Is Roz, by any chance, a Black Rock hen?

Eleni said...

You're right, Roz is a stunner! A pecaock in disguise :)

Drizzly, grey, and cold this morning over here, despite yesterday's lovely evening - rain just in time for the weekend! I'd better to be on your half of the world at this time of year!

Renohacks said...

I will be living and loving spring through your blog Angy! We've just turned the corner into Autumn. I am okay with Autumn but I am NOT okay with Winter!
Hope you are good. Jo xxx

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Tee hee, I like how you got Mr Bee's bottom in the shot!! :) And I really like the ground up green shot too (after we'll get there I'm sure...)

Neesie said...

Ahhh...your post is just perfect!
What a delight to all the senses....spring's definitely arrived...but unfortunately not quite here yet although I think she's near!
Each one of your photographs resonates the chooks, eggs and exquisite burst of vibrant yellow...the Ranunculus are a feast for the eyes!

I'm not functioning very well because although spring hasn't popped here yet I might!!!
My daughter is due to land in the early hours so I'm so h'eggscited I'll POP!!!
To travel 12,000 miles is asking so much that I've just got to spoil her every minute she's here...I make no excuses! :D
Have a wonderful Sunday xoxo

In My Wild Eden said...

Such beautiful photos! It's so fun to think of you heading into spring while we start into autumn. It's a beautiful day here to sit under a tree with some tea and a book too, but we are working on bringing in the pumpkins and squash and canning tomatoes today. Your weekend sounds lovely!

Vintage Jane said...

Summer has bidden her last farewell here. A book, a tree, a teapot and a pillow sounds just heavenly ...

Unknown said...

Oh I really want to get some chickens. I think our garden is too small though. Oh well. Autumn has arrived here, we had no summer and now I've gone straight from my birkenstocks to long boots & two pairs of socks! x