Thursday, October 11, 2012

A ramble of gratitude...

Morning shower, outside... bird visits, and watches - penny for it's thoughts
Great banana with breakfast - not under not over but just ripe
Traffic a non-event
A lingering kiss
Cake (baked the night before) shared at work
(Cake goes really well with tea due to it's citrus/almond flavour)
Ample water consumption manages to keep usual "staring at a screen" headache at bay
Weekend plans looking good if not darn good
Conversations are FULL, complete and authentic
New music is shared
Head buzzing with ideas
Fingers itching to make
A day to highlight with the pink neon pen on the happiness calender

Today someone I love celebrates her birthday in heaven.
"Happy Birthday you ♥ ...
           I want you to know I stopped and smelled ALL the roses. I really did"

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In My Wild Eden said...

Your gratitude is beautiful and so is your photo! I love the purple, blue and green. Lovely!