Sunday, December 9, 2012


We have had a real tree before.... and I loved it. The tradition of a branch began when we had a puppy in the house who insisted on dismantling anything below knee level. The fact that I'm obsessed with a White Christmas (even though I've never experienced one) is definitely the main influence when it comes to my decorating choices. Hubby brought home two miniature Hilliers Plum Puddings for me - which he had to get at a gas station because our local supermarket no longer sells them (insert un-ladylike cussing) Young Prince was most understanding when I made very specific suggestions as to where the baubles, bells and shiny bits should go - I have OCCDD*

I've taken to writing a "letter to ourselves" when I pack all the decorations away. Then come the following Christmas we open our treasures box and read it together. It usually details what the year held for us and what we hope to achieve in the new one. We lost a few souls this year gone by... so this letter was shared with tears. Hubby and I stayed up late laughing and giggling and eating chocolate. Young Prince stumbled off to bed calling out "Night Mum... Night Dad... Love you guys...."

Christmas is about so much more than I can ever put into words. ...


*Obsessive Compulsive Christmas Decorating Disorder  - and there is apparently no cure.


Unknown said...

My mum has this OCCDD! I just decorate the living Toomey mum does the house! I'll try to take some pics when she decorates the house xBx

Dilys said...

My sister has this disorder as well, everything from the traditional stockings by her lovely fireplace, to penguin bowling on the pass through from the kitchen to the den! She gets new things every year and then has to really work to find a place to put them, but . . . it looks wonderful! I am more a minimalist, but we have a real tree every year, one of my few rules, and have the paper angel from our first Christmas for the tree top. Have fun with you . . . disorder!

Attic24 said...

Laughed at the OCCDD!! I used to have that as well, but I was cured 2 years ago...I leave it all to the Little Peeps now and embrace the wonkiness of it all.
Your twiggy tree looks soo pretty :o)
I wanted to say how much I have appreciated your sweet words on my blog this past year, I look forward to hearing from you and thought I should say so ♥ Thank you.
Much love