Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More of Easter and us....

So what else did we get up to over the Easter break? Well not a whole lot actually. As much as I'd love to have gone camping we made the decision to bunk in and make it exclusive "JAm" time. I was still sans chocolate, tea and all things comforting (in exchange for super healthy, super yummy smoothies and juices mind you) so I felt especially grateful to be avoiding family celebrations laden with delicious temptations. Still we had a ball ....

... pardon the pun..

... there was a lot of walking...

... a lot of tree climbing...

... snoozing in the garden and of course ...

... Easter treats 
(thank you to my sister Naomi for organising some delicious herbal ginger tea for me♥)

I'm really glad we chose to stay home. We camped out in the lounge room one evening, we played lots of board games, including a four hour Monopoly marathon wherein my son wiped the floor with us! We watched cool movies, we slept in, we read, we talked ... we connected. I will confess that on Saturday I ducked out for a few hours to source a few much needed winter threads and stumbled upon this new Anna Gere range of kitchenware...

... cute? I think so - although do not ask me what I was doing in House when I was supposed to be shopping for woollen tights and thermal undergarments! I have a weakness.

On the floral design front - we tackled Strauss Bouquet's last night. Can I just take a moment to say "Hooley Dooley all you amazing Florists out there... you are legendary" Especially if you can produce one of these in 15 minutes or less.. with a customer watching and waiting.... phew!! 

Next week it's a symmetrical compact posy. I chose my favourite floral colour combination for the Strauss - green and white, but for the posy I'm going to challenge my eye and select colours that I would normally avoid - you know... for kicks. Here's my attempt at "spiralling"...

Turns out picking Lisianthus for this was not really the optimum choice and flowers that 
present a more passive form are better. Whilst I'm usually one to challenge the rules (I'm not a fan of formal floral arrangements) I can see the point of using flowers that make creating a natural arch easier. Something that I'll have to get used, if I'm to work in this industry, is the fact that everyone has differing tastes and even though I think certain arrangements are ghastly old fashioned, there are many who do not. The notion that customers are going to come in and ask for something that I myself would avoid at all costs is quite challenging and I guess it means you have to rethink, not only the way you work but also the stock you purchase. Anyhooo.. I'm kinda prattling out loud now. Apologies. 

I hope you all have a super duper weekend. I have arrived at Day 60 of my "healing cleanse"
The results are PHENOMENAL and whilst I am truly looking forward to embracing food again I am also mindful of all that I have learnt... You really are what you eat.



Neesie said...

Oh now where do I begin because I haven't visited for ages! I now realise that although I'm a follower that doesn't necessarily mean you pop up...I have to go and find you! I have no idea why but I'm here now.
Love the photos as usual...and oh I wish I had taken the healthier option over Easter! Unfortunately I'm now seriously thinking I need elasticated BIG troos!
It sounds like you had a wonderful time over Easter reconnecting. We had friends come to stay that we haven't seen since we lived in the Middle East, so that was special.
It's good to know that there are other kitchenware and appliance obsessives out there...LOL
The Anna Gere looks really cool I have to say.
Your Easter displays are just stunning. (I've just nipped back to take a quick peek to try and catch up)
Have a wonderful week and enjoy your fleurs! xoxo

terlee said...

Sometimes staying home is more relaxing and fun than all the bother involved in going away for a holiday.

Loved the kitchenware! ;d

And well done on finishing the entire 60 day cleanse deal. Wow.

chasing lightning bugs said...

oh i loved your weekend. and living it with you a little. your photos are gorgeous.
and i love the ceramic strawberry boxes.
good work on your cleanse!