Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indonesia in eight ....

I promised I would sum up my jaunt to the Tropics in only eight images ....

Offerings made daily to the Gods - marvelled at (and tripped over and slipped on)
The Haven Hotel, Seminyak - beautiful surroundings and brilliant staff.
Motorbikes EVERYwhere! Two wheeled chaos that just seems to work over here.
Hindu deities ... art and craft that blew my mind.
Tropical fruit Heaven.
Flora and Fauna growing abundantly - thoughtfully landscaped and stunningly displayed.
The countryside - rice fields and villagers that left me humbled and in awe.
Critters.... Hmmm ... enough said.

There I did it! I'm not even going to say much more that. 
Let the images speak for themselves.
There is more to share with you regarding this crazy, charismatic and chaotic island... 
    ....but that's another post for another day. 



Wendy said...

I think you've taken eight marvellous images that seem to sum up your week perfectly. It looks like a fabulous place to visit and glory, that fruit!

Vintage Jane said...

Wonderful images and what memories for you. M x

ellen said...

Beautiful...I can see why it is a magical place. What a wonderful trip.

terlee said...

Before leaving on the trip, you said you were going to stick to just 8 photos. I just couldn't imagine how you could pull it off.

But wow. Beautiful photos. And yes, you did it.

In My Wild Eden said...

Eight pictures that speak volumes! Beautiful post, beautiful photos. Can't wait to hear more.

Neesie said...

Wow that was amazing...I feel I've been whisked away for a quick trip and I haven't even left my bed!
Gorgeous images that speak volumes...all except the creature one!
Enough said there I think!

Enjoy yourselves :D