Monday, January 17, 2011


Wandering around my house this morning I was filled with such gratitude for all my many blessings. First of all it is a stunning morning here in Perth, the birds are chirping like crazy and the cicadas chorus along in competition - summoning me to put on the kettle and get ready for the day. 

My son is still asleep - it's school holidays and he's been going to bed rather late - the joys of a vacation. 

So I have my favourite morning brew and I have my lens and this is what I find....

Flowers and Candles
(I can relax)

Pretty "bathroom birdie" 
(I can smile)

Books on a well stocked book shelf
(I can learn)

Mini my kitchen window
(I can dream)

Bottles in my craft cupboard
(I can create)

My incense burner
(I can meditate)

My child's room
(I can love)

A nest found by a friend
(I can share)

A beautiful tea set
(I can enjoy)

A window to the heavens
(I can behold)

How can a day be anything but amazing when it begins with treasures such as these!

I wish you all a day of grateful senses!
 Go forth and taste, touch, listen, view, ponder, cry, relax, expand, love 
......and be loved

Oh by the way, the pictures were taken using my I-Phone and Hipstamatic - camera packages were Helga Viking/Float for the colour shots and Roboto Glitter/Claunch 72 for the Black & White.

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