Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Waiting for Winter...

Forgive me for saying so.... 
but I'm just not a summer person. I was made for all things cosy & warm...

So these are some things that have been popping up in my dreams...
Decorating with these

 and using these

To make this!
(whilst wandering around wearing these)

Wearing this

teamed with this...

...and these

Sadly we have many more weeks of sunshine and heat ahead.
(I know, I know! All you beach bums think I'm nuts!)

So I shall just be content with my dreams for now.

In case you are a winter woman like me and you wish to own some of these delights here's where you'll find them:

Cute Slippers and Mini Milk Jug, Mr Sparrow
Gorgeous Scarf - Pixelated Mushroom at Madeit
Funky Handbag - FOSSIL
Bird Button,Dreamy Outfit and Shoes - Anthropologie
Hot Chocolate - Taste
(All images from respective websites)

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