Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look what I got!

Well I've been waiting quite a while now but today it finally arrived! All the way from the UK!

Of course I love Brown Paper Packages (even when not tied up with string) and so you can imagine how much I enjoy receiving any of my orders from the Book Depository

Yes, a great book store is a must in everyones life and yes, browsing through newly pressed pages, and hard cover copies gives me a high; but I must say that the prices, selection and efficiency of this service is second to none! 

(Also I just love the word "depository"
Not sure why but it's a fav!!??)

And this is what I ordered! Divine hey? Filled with the most insanely cool wood and electrotype engravings. Thank you Mr Noah Webster! I will not show you any of the images inside - even though I want to! I took these three photos with my phone but I'll need my SLR to do justice to the inner marvels of this parchmented perfection! Does anyone else get this excited by a book? The smell of newly printed text? The stiffness of the spine? A linen finish, good typesetting (well done Eloise Leigh!)

And look at the spunk on the cover! 
Ok, I gotta go now... got some serious studying to do!

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