Monday, January 24, 2011

Lucky 13!

It is my 13th wedding anniversary today!
(Happy Anniversary my darling! XXOO)

 To celebrate my hubby took me to Fremantle yesterday; for a delicious lunch at The Monk. If you have not been here before it's well worth a visit! Very casual and the atmosphere is "Uber Freo" They brew their own beer and make a mean pizza too! We also had olives, bread and dips - but next time we might forego the extras - the pizzas are huge! The real "must try" though is the Paella. Cooked fresh on their terrace and boy does it smell amazing! 

Their mid-strength beer tastes full strength and I believe that most beer lovers would agree that's a good thing. 

The Dude who makes the Paella even sounded Spanish!

There he is behind Jb wearing a Sombrero! 

The service was great and I recommend sitting outside for the "full experience" - we really are so blessed to live in such a vibrant and entertaining city!

Fremantle really comes alive on a Sunday and we love the vibe. There are some cool shops to check out - 

Remedy, The New Edition Bookshop and Store. The architecture and the Norfolk Pine trees are also just a small part of the magic....
To top it off it was a rather grey and gloomy day....


the kind of crazy weather we love!!

Too full for desert(truly we made porkies of ourselves!)we decided that a walk along the dog beach was the perfect way to finish off the afternoon...

We even found some faces in the rocks!

And some treasures in the sand....

Romance at it's very best! I love you babe... 

to the moon and back.....

(Photos taken with an I-Phone4 and the HIPSTAMATIC app)

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