Monday, March 28, 2011

Dining in Melbourne

Well I could either put together the worlds longest ever blogarama about Melbourne and all that I got up to OR I could cleverly relive my hedonism through multiple anecdotes and tongue tingling trysts describing one of my favourite activities in the world.

The Moroccan Soup Bar ....and hubby's head
From the legendary Chick-pea bake at The Moroccan Soup Bar 
(read about fellow blogger Gem 
and her take on this INCREDIBLE DISH here)
 to the atmosphere in Yu-U 
(a Japanese restaurant found in this alley)

Hosier Lane where fine dining meets street art. Too cool

... to the culinary masterpieces of Tapas at Portello Rosso

Honey Glazed Chorizo and Scallops in Citrus Herbed Butter....sigh

Not to mention the breakfasts!

Chimneys Bakery in Bridge Rd

Then there's the wide variety of pubs to relax in. 
(Oh yeah.. Little Creatures from Fremantle - to be found in Brunswick street...Yay!)

The demise of a Little Creatures Bright Ale

And then you finish off your meal with a Gelato in 
Lygon Street

Of course round about now you stumble home with your pants a little tighter and your tummy a

But that is the magic of food in Melbourne. 
We dined in such a variety of places, five star to no star (just legendary status and consistency) We had meals that cost around $50 a head and meals for a ridiculous $11.50 (The well known Gopals, Hare Krishna Vegetarian eatery in the city centre - oh and by the way this price includes a selection of vegetarian curries/dishes, a delicious lassi, salad AND desert!) 
The staff are friendly and the food is FRESH! Come on!!

There were a couple of "cake and tea" highlights too...
Gusto in Queenscliff and The Hopetoun Tea Rooms in the Block Arcade, Collins street - the nicest street in Melbourne by a mile.

So you decide to visit Melbourne and you love food.
You follow these links and check out the menus and reviews.
You catch a tram (because then you can have a tipple)
You depart empty bellied and you return muchofied (new word meaning muchly satisfied) and smiling...why?
Well because tomorrow you get eat again!

PS - if none of these places are close by and/or they don't tickle your taste buds then check out this handy I-phone Application called Three Thousand - It's full of great links to shops, restaurants, attractions etc in your capital city AND its free!

I still have so much more to say about Melbourne but methinks it's time for tea.... and cake.

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